Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well, other than it being Jennifer's birthday (see my prior post), I don't have a lot going on today. I'm in day two of a stomach bug, but I'm fighting my way through it.

Sounds like Obama isn't going to let Dobson's comments go unanswered (i.e., Dobson's statements in which he claimed that Obama was misinterpretting the Bible and trying to deprive people of their right to incorporate their religious faith into their political views). Obama responded on Tuesday by saying that Dobson was "making stuff up" when he criticized Obama's viewpoints, and Obama went on to further state that he thought that Dobson might be trying to use religion to divide people, and that Dobson was doing so "maybe for his own purposes".
I'm glad to see Obama responding to these allegations. Even though I generally am not crazy about the idea of a campaign that involves a bunch of bickering, allegation, and response to allegation, I think many of us will agree that John Kerry's attempt to "take the high road" without responding to attacks against him was part of what caused his downfall in the last election. (remember the "swiftboating" ad campaign that somehow turned Kerry's distinguished war record into a hindrance? It just goes to show you that you can't underestimate the power of bad publicity, even when it's just conservative spin with no truth behind it) I think that Barack needs to stick to the issues and, in general, avoid negative campaigning that simply attacks his opponent's character, but he needs to take the Republicans to task for their aggregious policy failures over the last 8 years, and he needs to respond to attacks against himself forcefully and quickly.

I know. More politics. Blah, blah, blah.

What else? The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down the death penalty as an appropriate punishment for child rape. Well, it's hardly a victory worth celebrating (child rapists probably deserve to die), but I am glad to see that we're not expanding the death penalty to include more and additional offenses (besides murder). As I've said before, I'm already pretty solidly against the death penalty, for a number of reasons, but first and foremost among them because I really just don't trust the government to be infallible in convicting people, let alone putting them to death (yes, I know that there's a little irony in that statement given the fact that I'm a prosecutor, but I still am extremely uncomfortable with the idea of the government implementing a sentence that can never be corrected or reversed). Child rape cases are particularly troubling because you're typically having to rely upon the sometimes questionable testimony of a child in order to secure a conviction (plus, child rape cases often involve incest with family members, so you have the whole issue of a child growing up knowing that their testimony might have led to the execution of a family member or acquaintance). Anyway, probably a minor victory, but a good decision by the Supreme Court.

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