Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hey. Not too much to tell. The ACL Fest schedule is out, and already Roundball has a blog post bemoaning the scheduling overlaps and the lack of a superawesome headliner. I had to laugh when I read his post because his sentiments sound very similar to some of my own rants from years past. I'll admit that the scheduling overlaps, in particular, are extremely annoying, especially when it seems like they ought to be able to spread things out much more effectively (what's the point of having an all day festival event when you try to squeeze all of your medium to big name acts into the latter half of every day? Plus, if more of these musicians spent appreciable amounts of time in Austin they might come to the realization that the weather and the temperatures are typically a whole lot more pleasant early in the day than they are in the middle of the afternoon- comfort might trump the "prestige" of a later time slot if they knew what they were getting into) Anyway, over the years I've come to realize that ACL Fest is more of a smorgasbord of musical appetizers than a set of main courses. You might hit a few sets that you're going to see in their entirety, but the festival is really more about catching parts of as many different acts as you can than about settling in to watch entire shows (although as the festival has become more crowded over the years, the festival has become more challenging to navigate, and it's become increasingly difficult to just float around and drop in on parts of different sets).
Anyway, ACL Fest is still consistently a good time, but you have to kind of manage your expectations and keep an open mind.
And I guess the Democratic primaries are finally winding to a close. CNN is reporting that Clinton has expressed a willingness to take a VP slot on Obama's ticket. Good. Do it. For the love of God, end this thing. I still think having her on the ticket will anger some conservatives, but the effect will be drastically reduced if she's in a VP slot instead of a presidential one. Plus, putting her on the ticket is probably the kind of concilliatory gesture that might help to mend and unify a somewhat divided Democratic Party (and it really wouldn't hurt to have the experience of the Clinton camp allied with Obama's own political machine as we go into the general election). Mostly, it's probably just the right thing to do. Hillary Clinton is an effective leader with some good ideas about how to fix some of the country's problems. We need more of a focus on consensus building and teamwork these days within the Democratic Party rather than allowing various factions to compete against one another in the pursuit of their own agendas.

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