Friday, June 06, 2008

Well, it's Friday and we're getting a little bit of rain in Austin this morning, so we have to be happy about that.
It's sort of funny- in the winter the rain just makes me depressed, but in the summer it has sort of the opposite effect; I think just knowing that a little bit of rain will keep the plants from burning out for awhile longer tends to make me happy, and, of course, sometimes the rain can help to keep the heat at bay (although other times it just seems to create a humid, tropical, jungle-like atmosphere, which I hate).
Last night I watched most of a B movie Sci Fi Channel horror flick called Never Cry Werewolf over at Ryan and Jamie's place. It was pretty bad, but in a mildly entertaining sort of way. As someone pointed out in the comments on IMDB, this movie is basically a rip off of Fright Night from 1985, except with a werewolf living next door to the teenager rather than a vampire. I liked the fact that the werewolfs in the movie were actually people in werewolf suits rather than computer generated graphic monsters, but the movie, unfortunately, was still pretty bad. I just don't see why these Sci Fi original movies always have to be so bad. I mean, I know that the effects and stuff are gonna be pretty cheap, but I can forgive that. What I don't understand is why they can't seem to get a decent script for one of these things. They could have a cool little niche market for their Sci Fi Channel movies if they had some scripts that were anywhere near the quality of some of those old Twilight Zone or Outer Limits epsidoes (or even some of the old Creepshow or Tales from the Crypt episodes, for heaven's sake).

Incidentally, there's a new X-Files movie coming out, but I read an interview with Chris Carter a while back where he said that this new movie isn't really going to do anything to advance the whole alien invasion/government conspiracy mythology. Instead, this movie is meant as a way to introduce new fans to the whole X-Files idea.
What?!?! Chris- you don't really have a show anymore, so unless you're going to make a whole batch of these movies, there's really not much point in trying to introduce a whole new generation of fans to the X-Files. What longtime X-Files fans have really been waiting for and deserve is the big budget Hollywood blockbuster where a full alien invasion finally occurs (or something close to it). We want the aliens (or at least one of the types of aliens) to finally come out of hiding and for there to be a full out war between the humans and the aliens. It's what the show always seemed to be leading up to (Mulder's whole career has been about trying to drag the aliens and their human conspirators out into the light), but we never got the big payoff of the final confrontation between the humans and the aliens (not to mention the fact that when all of the romantic/sexual tension that had been bulding for years between Mulder and Scully was apparently finally resolved, it all occurred off screen). Most importantly, what longtime fans really, really want is to have the government/alien conspiracy exposed in a way that forces that whole world to accept the truths that Mulder already knows, and for Mulder and Scully to be vindicated (and the alien invasion could both accomplish this, plus add lots of cool action and special effects that would make for an entertaining movie).
The failure to ever engage in any kind of satisfying conclusions was what eventually made me annoyed with the show (of course, there was the fact that they tried to carry on without David Duchovny, but I think that the failure to ever reach any kind of closure in terms of the show's overarching plotline was even more annoying). Chris Carter has always played a cat and mouse game with his audience, confusing endless cliffhangers with dramatic tension, perpetually open ended questions with real mystery, and long winded protagonist soliloquies with good writing. X Files has always had an awful lot of promise, but it rarely delivers on it because Carter and his writing team seem paralyzed at the thought of actually making their characters go through personal growth or life changes or at the thought of creating meaningful changes within the world in which those characters live. (perhaps this is because Carter wants to see the X-Files world to remain as "realistic" as our own, but the trade off (in inability to advance the storyline) just isn't worth it. Audiences aren't fooled into believing they're going to see Mulder and Scully walking down a "real world" street, and long time fans of the show just get tired of the promise of change without ever seeing that change fulfilled. If you're writing a show about aliens, sooner or later you've gotta really give us some aliens.)
Oh well. I've already gone on about the X Files way longer than I intended to, but I still have some hope for the new movie. Chris Carter has always been much better at beginnings than endings, and since he plans on this movie being the new beginning for a new generation of X-Philes, maybe it'll turn out to be a nice, neat little self contained X Files story that's every bit as compelling as some of the best episodes. I'm just frustrated because it doesn't sound like the big ol' grand payoff that longtime X-files fans always wanted to see.

What else? Not much. Karebear and The Admiral are scheduled to pop in for a daytime visit on Saturday to check on the progress of their new house (they have to drive back Saturday evening so Karebear can fly out to Florida on Sunday morning to see the grandparents).

That's it for now. Hope you guys have a good weekend if I don't rap at you before then.


Anonymous said...

thank you for bringing mulder and scully into my consciousness today. it has been years since i've thought about them. i love reading when you jump on a topic and ride it longer than you meant to--your writing becomes extra animated and i can feel your passion. ;]

J.S. said...

Thanks for commenting, Diva. It's always nice to hear from you, and I'm glad to hear that I'm providing a bit of entertainment for someone out there!

The League said...

I don't know when I quit caring about the aliens and was only watching the show for Gillian Anderson and her pouty, far-away looks.

But even that was not enough to retain my interest.

But, you know, its been a few years, so I'm in for a fresh round of Carter-created disappointment.