Monday, June 25, 2018

Update; Anniversary Party

We had a good, but busy, weekend.
On Saturday Rick and Jeanne Farleigh hosted a 50th Anniversary party for my parents.  It was really, really nice.  They have a great house out in Lake Austin, and there was a live band that sounded great (the Shelton Ray band).  A bunch of my parents' friend were there from their Steiner Ranch Young at Heart group.  Also, Rick and Peggy Magsig came into town, Marlene and Tom Leih came, and Susan and Uncle Donald were there.  Ryan and Jamie also came (with Dick), and Ryan and I each did a little toast when the band took a break.
The party was really nice.
Raylan was a little restless (as three year olds are) and wanted to run around the whole time, but he had fun being there.

On Sunday we ate at La Posada for breakfast and then Dad came over and helped me assemble Raylan's new twin bed.  This process also involved taking apart and moving two cribs, as well as rearranging some furniture.
While we worked on all of that, Amy took Raylan to a splash pad birthday party hosted by her friend, Katarina, for her son, Logan.  


Sometime late in the afternoon on Sunday we realized that Raylan had a fever.  Around 5:00 he actually asked to go to bed (which never, ever happens).

Anyway, he's still sick, and I missed work Monday to stay home with him and take him tot the doctor.
Hopefully little guy is in the mend.

So that's it!
It was a fast and furious weekend.
It was a great party for Mom and Dad!
I love you both very much!





Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day Update

So, I'm leading off this week's post with a picture that is actually from a couple of weeks back and has nothing to do with this week/weekend/Father's Day.  This is a picture taken by one of Raylan's teachers of "Splash Day" at Raylan's school a couple of weeks ago.  during the summer the kids get to play in the sprinklers and with water on Fridays up at their preschool.  Here they're drying off at the end.  Raylan is actually wrapped in a towel with a hood over his face all the way on the right end of the picture.

Splash Day!

Her's another Splash Day picture where you can see more of Raylan:

So this weekend Amy went out to Arizona to visit her family.  We have some trips coming up over this summer and into the fall, so she needed a chance to see her family before things get too busy. She flew out during the day on Thursday and flew back on Sunday evening.

Her absence, of course, meant that Father Day Weekend 2018 involved a lot of actual fathering on my end!  
But Raylan and I had a good time together.
On Thursday my parents watched Raylan during the day and took him to swimming lessons.  Thursday night we all went to dinner at La Posada.  It was nice.
On Friday we got up and went to school and work.  Raylan's school had a Doughnuts for Dad day (Raylan had a doughnut, but I abstained).  Raylan made some very nice artwork for me, including a drawing of one of his favorite items- a washing machine.

Getting ready to go to school/work on Friday

Father's Day preschool quotes.  Raylan both likes me and knows my first name.
So far, so good!
Friday night Raylan and I went to Central Market, ate some chicken nuggets, and both sort of crashed.

Look, Mom!  Dad got some veggies into me!  Pouches count, right?
On Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast and then went out to Steiner Ranch to go swimming.  Raylan did a lot of swimming.  He is a very good swimmer.  He's very comfortable in the water, which is great, especially given the fact that swimming is one of the few activities that we can comfortably do in the summer heat.

I wanna swim!  Lemme goooooo!!!

Steans men in the pool (minus Uncle Ryan, who was probably still asleep)

My Mom took off a little early to go help set up for an anniversary party for some friends of Mom and Dad.  Dad hung out and fed us lunch, which was really nice of him.  Dad gave Raylan a cookie or two, and Raylan loudly announced that "I'm gonna be so wired!!"  The boy knows the power of sugar.  After lunch, Dad had to head off to the anniversary party as well.
Raylan and I headed back to our house.

Uncle Ryan came over in the afternoon and watched Raylan for a while so I could go to the gym. Sounds like they had a good time playing games and watching some cartoons.
Later, when I asked Raylan if he had fun with Uncle Ryan, his response was, "Yes!  He talks a lot. And he knows about a lot about everything!"
So I guess that's a success?
Late Saturday afternoon Raylan and I went shopping.  Raylan helped pick out some fruit and helped carry some groceries into the house when we got home.  He also managed to get a ride on a lady's motorized wheelchair with her after repeatedly asking her how it worked.  They both seemed to have fun, but as this lady was wheeling through the store with my kid I suddenly wondered exactly how fast those motorized things can go and what I should do if she suddenly headed for the front door. ("County Prosecutor tackles handicapped woman and child!  News at 10:00!!!").  No drama in the end, though.  Just fun.
We had pizza bagel bites for dinner and then raided Mom's (i.e., Amy Mom's) vanilla ice cream.  And her chocolate sauce.

He demanded the ice cream bowl instead of the cone, and I couldn't figure out why.
Mystery solved.
On Sunday we got up and Raylan took me out for Father's Day breakfast at Kerbey Lane.

Father's Day breakfast, 2018.
We had a nice breakfast and then went back to the house.  We played for a while, and then went over to Ryan and Jamie's at about 11:00.  Ryan, Jamie, Dad, Mom, Susan, Donald, and Dick were there (and Scout and Lucy).  Mom and Dad picked up some Rudy's barbecue, and we all had a nice lunch together.

Raylan and Uncle Donald polish off some BBQ
After lunch I went to the gym.  Mom and Dad took Raylan back to our place and put him down for a nap.  I came home and showered and headed to the airport to pick up Amy.

Amy came home, and I was really happy to have her back.  I missed her!
Raylan missed her, too.

Once, I think on Saturday when I was getting ready to give him a bath, he walked up to me and said, out of the blue, "I miss Mom.  I don't need Mom, but I want Mom."
We've been talking about the difference between wants and needs when he says stuff like, "I need ice cream!!"  
Anyway, I thought this was a very insightful thing for a 3 year old to say.  I was glad he felt comfortable with me taking care of him, but, of course, I was not at all surprised to hear that he wanted his mom.  I knew the feeling...
Anyway, Amy's back now, and everything feels more normal.

I had a nice weekend with Raylan, though.  There was something sort of special about taking Father's Day weekend and actually spending a lot of it caring for Raylan and strengthening that bond.
Hats off to the single parents because it's tiring, but I had a nice weekend having some Dad time with the boy!

And now I'm glad Amy is back... ;-)

Monday, June 11, 2018


How's it going?  Our week and weekend have been pretty good.  It got hot early this year, so it already feels like we're truly well into summer.
Here's a picture of Raylan learning how to do an exercise video with Amy this week after work one night:

This weekend was pretty good.  But on Friday night I had to go to a funeral.  A friend and former co-worker, Sherri, had a husband who died suddenly of a heart attack.  They are a family with 3 boys and two girls, and they always have seemed super fun and loving.  It was a sad funeral.  Very well attended.

On Saturday we got up and went out to breakfast and then went to Steiner.  We took Raylan swimming with Mom and Dad.   He looooves to swim, and he swims relentlessly nowadays when we takes him to the pool.
Afterwards Mom and Dad made chicken fajitas.  They were great!!
After that we came home and ran errands and played with Raylan.

(just for the record, those are markers stains on the knees- not bruises!)

On Saturday we had walked over to Mandy's house.  She was having a garage sale and gave us an old slip and slide.  So Sunday morning Raylan tested that out...

After slip and sliding for a while, Amy went to the gym, and I walked Raylan over to Mandy's so he could feed the fish.  She also gave him a Pete the Cat book and a Caillou DVD.  Thanks, Mandy!
Later we went to Garrison Pool.  Raylan once again swam really fast and really hard for a really long time.  

And that was about it.  We grilled sausage for dinner, and we slept hard.

It was a nice weekend.

Monday, June 04, 2018


Hey!  It's been a busy week.
Marty left us last Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning I jumped in my car at around 6:00 a.m. and headed for Houston for a conference by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.
The conference took place from Wednesday to Saturday, and it had a whole bunch of speakers.  They had backgrounds ranging from psychiatry to probation to judges to social workers.
I heard some good presentations during the trip with tips on how to set target populations, administer rewards and sanctions, monitor compliance, etc.  The whole drug court model is designed to reduce recidivism among defendant groups who have serious problems and who are likely to reoffend.
I'm really interested in seeing how science applies to criminal justice in terms of making the community safer and defendants healthier, so this was a good conference for me.

I snapped this pic right when I got there.  The audience was eventually
standing room only.

There were some perks to enjoy when the classes were over...
Texas sunset on my drive back to Austin. (no filter)
I got back to Austin on Friday night just as Raylan was going to sleep.
On Saturday morning we got up and went to eat at La Posada.

Raylan is happy to be photographed enjoying breakfast with Dad.
Amy, I'm told, had a blemish.
After breakfast we went out to Mom and Dad's house to go swimming and to hang out.  It was pretty awesome.  Raylan did a lot of actual swimming.  He goes to lessons with Grandma and Grandpa, and they are really paying off.

Blast off!

Raylan shows off his ability to "do a pancake."
And also his ability to entertain his grandparents.
We went out to my folks' house to go swimming.  We ended up turning it into, basically, a mini vacation day, and we strayed there all day.  Mom and Dad fed us salmon burgers for lunch with fruit and potato salad.  We ordered out for dinner.

finishing up lunch with Grandma
Thanks to Mom and Dad for having us over.  It was a great way to relax after a busy week!

On Sunday we got up and took Raylan over to the splash pad at Ricky Guerrero Park.  It was really hot out on Sunday, so water play was pretty much the only option.  There were several birthday parties going on with lots of kids around who about Raylan's age at the splash pad.  He had a really good time.

Shade under the big trees and  a splash pad?!?!

Look, kid- this ain't my first splash pad rodeo...
Sunday afternoon we did some shopping to look for a new bed for Raylan.  Sunday night Amy made broccoli chicken calzones, and they were really good.

And that was the weekend!  It was really good.  Raylan asked about Marty a couple of times, but, as children often do, he seems to have mostly slipped right back into the groove.

We love summer!  Have a great week!