Thursday, June 19, 2008

Howdy. Not too much going on. Last night I went out to Hyde Park and had dinner with Ryan, Jamie, and Jamie's parents, Judy and Dick. It was a nice meal and it was good to see them. Thanks, Judy and Dick!!!
Ryan and I watched the new weekly episode of Ghosthunters (yes, I watch that show- I'm not sure that I believe in ghosts, but that show has a way of creeping me out sometimes, nonetheless) and once again discussed the probability that someone was hoaxing the team. The TAPS team that investigates the hauntings on Ghosthunters just doesn't ever seem to want to really consider the possibility that someone is manipulating them, and, in fact, the only time I've seen them really consider the possibility was when they were faced with such obvious evidence of a hoax that they had no choice but to admit that someone was, in fact trying to fool them. It seems like there are many other occasions when the most logical explanation for the events that they experience is simple human trickery, but the TAPS team rarely seems willing to truly explore that possibility. It's almost as if they just want to so badly to believe that they're helping people that they don't want to acknowledge the possibility that sometimes people just want to get their places declared as "haunted" so that they can cash in on the paranormal tourism industry (and yes, there are people who travel around to different destinations in the hopes of experiencing a ghost). Anyway, it bugs me, and detracts from whatever credibility a team of ghost hunters can have.
We also watched a show that Ryan discovered, strangely enough on the ABC Family channel, called Middleman which is about a "men in black" type team of superheroic detectives that protect humanity from aliens, mad scientists, monsters, and other comic book type stuff. The show is more comedy than drama, but its pretty darn clever and funny, with the main characters spitting out their deadpan reactions to the bizarre events around them with a witty, staccatto delivery. Anyway, I thought the show was fun. I mean, I'm not sure it's going to appeal to everyone, but I thought it was fun.

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