Tuesday, November 30, 2004

How Do I Do This?

This is my first ever blog (if it indeed works). I begin my blog largely with the hopes that I may rectify some of the indignities which my reputation has suffered under the slanderous assault of my supposed brother (I suspect an adoption), Ryan Steans.
What will I write about?
First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason and I am a criminal defense attorney. My day has been slow today due to the a lack of court settings and the absence of the boss. My slow day has thus far consisted of meetings with: 1) a self-proclaimed child pornography "addict" who has no charges currently pending, but who has begun to suspect that the police are tailing him and sending him fake contest announcements (I gave him the phone number for our "sex shrink" and sent him on his way), 2) a man with a DWI whose cousin was shot and killed by one of our other clients (I warned him of the possible conflict of interest, but he wanted to hire us, anyway), and 3) two Cubans who are supposedly construction workers, but who arrived in expensive clothes and Rolexes and pulled up in a fairly new Mercedes. I have another meeting scheduled in an hour with some hyperactive 19 year old girl who assures me that her case is going to be "huge" and that it involves embezzlement, the DEA, and a whole lot of people who are trying to rat on each other. If you are wondering about confidentiality issues, let me point out that I've told you no names and that I could be making all of this up. But I'm probably not.

Well, that's it for my first entry. We'll see how this goes.