Sunday, June 08, 2008

My parents were in town this weekend to check on the progress of their new house. We met them out at The Oasis for lunch on Saturday. My Uncle Donald is also in town right now, visiting Cousin Sue. Here's a picture of Dad talking to Uncle Donald.
Here's a picture of McSteans and Roundball. At The Oasis. Possibly also in The Matrix.
Mom and Dad's new neighborhood out there in the hills is very nice. It's kind of on a canyon. There are a ton of cedar trees out there, though. Visiting them in the winter is going to be rough on the allergies (I'm gonna need a gas mask or something).
Anyway, it was good to see them all (Donald, Susan, Mom, and Dad). The Oasis takes a lot of flack for being something of a tourist trap, but it really is beautiful out there (and the food was better than I remember it- Mom said she heard they got a new chef and new menu).

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