Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!!!

Many Happy Returns to my good friend, Jennifer Kraber! It's Jennifer's birthday today (I'm not gonna say too much, but it's sort of one of those "big" birthdays), so I wanted to wish her well, and send wishes for good times in the upcoming year!

Here's a picture of Jennifer with Kim at Radiohead.

I've known Jennifer since law school. Since that time, she's been my friend, neighbor, co-worker, and occasionally my therapist. She's fun-loving, kind hearted, smart, funny, fiercely competitive, and pretty courageous (she can also be quite argumentative, which helps with both the lawyering and with being friends with me).

Here's a picture of Jennifer playing pool (which has been, along with poker, one of the big passions in her life).

Jennifer is just one of those really enthusiastic, fun people who make life a lot more interesting and entertaining. I'm proud and happy to have her for a friend, and I wish her a great birthday!

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