Monday, June 09, 2008

Well, not much to say today. Yesterday I took Cassidy down to Barton Creek for some swimming, ran a few errands, and bummed around my house a bit (there were some questionable movies and some Grand Theft Auto in there as well). We don't have Mono E practice for the next couple of weeks because various band members are travelling here and there, and I've come to realize that the Sunday night Mono E ritual is kind of an important part of my weekend. It's just a nice way to usually end the weekend on something of a high note, making music with friends, and last night was sort of disconcertingly quiet at the Hop-a-Long Lounge, especially in comparison with the usual rockin'. Cassidy and I just watched TV, played guitar, and kept each other entertained.
I'm sort of confused by this whole fire at the Texas governor's mansion. I'm mostly confused as to how someone could get away with arson on that sight without getting caught. The office that I work in, Travis County's Granger Building, sits less than a block away from the governor's mansion, and I'm here to tell you that the place has some pretty tight security. In addition to having video cameras which cover every conceivable approach angle to the mansion, the building is also usually routinely guarded by Capitol DPS troopers who are assigned to protect the capitol and all of its surrounding, associated buildings (including the governor's mansion). There are quite a few of these troopers, and they usually occupy themselves with things like handing out tickets to people who aren't using seatbelts and stuff like that. It must've taken someone who was either very clever and fairly brave to accomplish this, or someone who was very foolish and very lucky.
Anyway, it's truly a shame to see a historic structure like the governor's mansion burned like that. I'll be curious to see if they can catch the person who burned it, and once they do, to see what his/her motives were. I hope it's not some nutball with a political agenda. The governor's mansion is actually owned by the people of Texas, and it would be pretty shortsighted to torch the place just because you don't like the current "residents" (well, the Perry's had moved out while renovations were being done, so they weren't actually residing there, anyway, and, of course, there's always the fact that arson's a bad thing because you might end up hurting people or accidentally burning down half of downtown).
Well, I gotta run, but maybe more later. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Well I know I am always looking for this but the timing of the governers mansion burning is something to think about...all the furniture is out as are Rick Perry and his family...and when I was doing defense work I got tons of clients that would get caught by troopers for making out there after leaving charlies...but these troopers dont spot an arsonist...rather suspicious I would say...

J.S. said...

Yeah, I'd love to know how things were progressing on that $10 million rennovation job that was underway before the fire.
Then again, security may have been a little lax over there around the time of the fire since the Perrys weren't actually living in the residence at the time.