Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hi, guys. S'up?
Hope everyone is doing ok out there. I went to Z-Tejas after work yesterday to celebrate Jennifer's birthday with her and with a number of other friends and co-workers. It was very nice.
Went home last night and just sort of crashed. I've been feeling a bit run down, and I think it's all tied to this stomach bug that I can't seem to shake.

And it looks like the Supreme Court issued a ruling today that defends the rights of handgun owners to possess firearms. This may surprise some people, but I'm not really either surprised or disappointed by this ruling. In general, I'm really not a fan of guns, and I'm pretty much against them, but I think the Constitution is pretty clear about allowing people to own handguns for self defense and hunting (and that whole militia thing). I'll admit that I didn't read this opinion, but I had previously read an article about Washington, D.C.'s ban on firearms (which sounded like an almost absolute ban on handguns), and it sounded pretty unconstitutional to me, even after only a cursory inspection.
Here's the thing. I'm a big fan of the constitution. I like the whole free speech and freedom of religion things and all of those civil liberties that are supposed to protect minority rights from majority oppression. I think the constitution is fairly ingenious. So I'm willing to accept the fact that the right to bear arms is one of those liberties that I don't particularly care for, but which is protected by the constitution for people who wish to employ it (in a perfect country I would just rather not see anyone with guns at all).
I'm still for reasonable restrictions on the right to bear arms (I don't think you should be allowed to have fully automatic machine guns in your house and I don't think criminals or mentally ill people should own firearms). One of the main things that scares me about firearm ownership is that it always seems like the people who are most aggressively advocating gun ownership seem like some of the people that I would trust the least with guns (I know this is just a big, knee-jerk generalization, but it just seems like so many gun advocates are overconfident, "shoot first/ask questions later" type of folks who don't see guns as their last possible line of defense in protecting themselves, but as their first and best option for conflict resolution).
Anyway, that being said, I'm really not against an individual's right to protect himself by owning a gun. I think gun advocates frequently go too far (e.g., suggesting that arming all college students equals viable campus security), but I understand the desire to be able to protect yourself, and in some regard, I even understand the desire to arm and protect yourself against possible tyranny and oppression by your own government (when the government finally gets tired of my blog and comes to come get me in the middle of the night on a rendition operation because they want to waterboard me in some third world country, at least a handgun might let me go down fighting).
So that's all that I have to say about the Second Amendment for today.

Well, I guess that's all I've got for now.
I want it to rain. And cool off. Or cool off and rain.


The League said...

Happy belated birthday to Kraber! While I am sad I did not get to celebrate her birthday with her, I have been pausing in fifteen minute intervals to visualize Jennifer in a party hat. And floppy shoes.

Anyhow, happy B-Day to Kraber.

Also, does this mean Jennifer will get to keep all of her illegal guns?

J.S. said...

She DID manage to don a tiara for part of the birthday festivities.

Melissa said...

We had some rain here in DFW last night which was really nice. However, the rain was accompanied by some strong winds that took down trees and power lines. Luckily we were not affected this time. And sadly, the heat did not let up as it was a steamy 97 this afternoon. Joys of Texas in the summer!

J.S. said...

Well, Melissa, I believe that the children are the future, and since I have no kids of my own, I want you to start encouraging your kids to build a giant, weather-controlled dome over Texas to keep us cool in the summer (or at least over some major Texas cities). That way, by the time they're adults and running for mayor or governor or whatever, the idea will already be firmly planted in their heads.

Anonymous said...

Thank you league (and Jason) for the b-day shout out! I was actually going to respond to the gun issue addressed in this post, and was happy to see the birthday cheer! Although there were no floppy shoes. And no guns!
Killer Kraber