Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hey! Hope everyone is doing okay!

Friday night Mandy agreed to babysit for us, so she hung out with Raylan while we joined Ryan and Jamie at Strange Brew for an XTC Tribute show that benefitted the SIMS foundation.  I don't really know XTC as a band all that well, but it's one of Jamie's favorite groups, and since she's never gotten to see them perform (their lead singer suffers from panic attacks, and, as a consequence they threw in the towel on live shows decades ago), the chance to see their music played live was a sort of unique opportunity for her.  The band that played the show was comprised of various musicians who play in other bands around Austin, fronted by a talented cast of local singers of varying levels of local renown (Matt the Electrician, Seela Misra, and Miles Zuniga, to name a few).  It was a fun night!  XTC are a music fan's band, with interesting songs containing thought provoking lyrics.  Their music requires a higher-than-average level of musicianship for a rock/pop group, but it contains very few solos or showy showcases for virtuosity.  They're a cool band, and I should know more about them.  I intend to rectify that.

XTC for you and me!

On Saturday I went to the store, and we took care of errands and chores.  In the afternoon we went over to my parents' house to watch the UT-OSU game.  UT's play continues to improve, but they were killing themselves with penalties (and with some decidedly poor calls by the officials- but mostly with boneheaded mistakes).  Anyway, we ended up losing when our punter fumbled the ball toward the end of the game, allowing OSU to recover and kick a last second field goal.  Especially painful after losing last week by choking on an extra point.  Oh well.  At least we were in the game.

Also on Saturday Raylan developed some... tummy problems and accompanying diaper rash.  He became pretty uncomfortable.  Poor guy.  It was a situation that lasted through Saturday night and throughout most of Sunday.  Raylan wasn't upset the whole time or anything, but he was much moodier than usual.  As a result, we mostly laid low on Sunday and didn't do much.  We went for a few walks because the weather was nice.

(surprisingly happy while waiting to see the doctor)
On Monday I took Raylan to the doctor.  Hopefully this will lead to his speedy recovery!

And that was our low key weekend.  Here's to hoping Raylan starts feeling better this week!

Monday, September 21, 2015


So the weekend was pretty good, but went by way too fast. It feels like they all do these days. On Friday night for dinner Amy made salmon with avocado purée and spice crusted eggplant. Very good!! On Saturday I got up and went and got us some breakfast tacos.  Then I did some grocery shopping, played with Raylan, exercised, and took care of a few chores. In the evening we went over to my parents' house to watch the UT-California game  with Ryan, Jamie, Dick, Juan, Matt, and Nicole. Mom provided some good food. 
UT looked much improved.   Jerrod Heard looked like a real quarterback, and the offense finally looked like it was firing on all pistons.  The defense had some blown tackles, but looked better as well.
UT put together an amazing offensive series towards the end of the game that should have tied it up- but we missed an extra point and lost.  It was tragic.
Oh well.  Most fun I've had watching a UT game in quite some time.  At least I felt like I was watching an honest-to-god football game instead of... well, instead of whatever it is that we've been doing recently.

Getting ready to watch the game

Nap time

On Sunday I ran a number of  errands.  I hit Home Depot, Target, and Randall's.  Amy was feeling a little under the weather on Sunday, so we didn't do a whole lot.  We took care of chores and I exercised.  The fall allergies have returned.  Hooray.  I got to spend some good time with Raylan, though, so that was nice.  In the evening I watched Fear the Walking Dead.  The pacing on that show is way off.  It almost felt boring.  Hope that the regular Walking Dead series doesn't suffer a similar fate.

It's not exactly cool out, but fall is coming...
And that was about it.  Hope everyone is having a good week!

Monday, September 14, 2015


Hey!  So our week and weekend was pretty good.  I had a really busy week at work.  Amy had a busy week at work, too, AND she got a pretty big raise last week.  I'm really proud of her.  She works hard. I think it sounds like she's a smart, aggressive lawyer (fair, but aggressive), and she's working on protecting our environment.  The Attorney General's office is lucky to have her.  It's nice to see them recognize the contributions that their employees are making.
Our actual weekend felt somewhat busy, but I'm not sure what we did....

Friday night I think we just sort of chilled out.

Saturday Amy took Raylan on a playdate with her friends from work while I ran an errand or two and went to the gym.  The weather was really nice out, so I actually rode my bike to the gym by our house.  It was fun!  I didn't ride far, but I hadn't been on my bike in a while, so it felt good to get back on.
Amy had fun at Katerina's house with Mary, Katerina and Heather and Truett, Logan, and Otto (and, of course, Raylan).
"Do you guys think we'll still be chilling on the floor together like
this in 10 years?"

On Saturday I also did some shopping.  In the evening we watched the Longhorns beat the Rice Owls.  Yeah?  Glad for the win, but it's probably not great to note that Rice's significantly sub-powerhouse offense did okay against our defense....
(modeling the good luck gameday hat)

On Sunday we got up, put Raylan in the stroller, and walked over to Central Market for breakfast.  It was good!  Glorious weather once again!  If Raylan didn't get grouchy when the sun gets in his eyes, we might have sat outside, but we had a very nice walk there and back.

What else?  Oh yeah, we also got a new rug on Saturday.  Amy picked it out.  I like it!  We put a mat under it so Raylan will be more comfortable playing on it.

Team Baby-Dog enjoying new rug
And that was mostly it.  Band practice Sunday night with Reed, Jim, and Frank.  We sounded pretty good.

Hope you guys have a good week!  Enjoy this cooler weather (and the UT win) while it lasts!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

So, our Labor Day weekend was pretty good! Well, watching UT get crushed in their opener by Notre Dame wasn't very cool. but the rest of the weekend was pretty good.
On Friday Jamie and Ryan came over for dinner.  We got carry out Thai food.  It was nice.  Ryan and Jamie got some good Raylan time (he seemed to have a lot of fun with them), and then he went to sleep once his bedtime came, so we all got a chance to chat and catch up after that.

(Aunt and Uncle Fun Time!)

On Saturday we got up and went and picked up my new car from the shop.  My new car had a sensor switch malfunction, so it had been making little warning lights blink on my dashboard, so it had to get repaired this week.  All fixed now, though, and covered by warranty.  (yea!)

After picking up the Sorento, we ate some Dan's breakfast tacos and then I went to the grocery store.  Sometime shortly after my trip to the grocery store, Amy fed Raylan his first taste of solid food.  It was rice cereal, and he seemed pretty happy with it.  I mean, we didn't give him a whole lot, but he was fairly enthusiastic in eating a little bit.

In the afternoon we took Raylan swimming for his second time at Garrison Park Pool.  He seemed to enjoy it even more the second time than the first!  I think he's gonna really like the water, but I guess time will tell. 
(Raylan enjoying the pool with his momma, despite being forced to wear
a 1980's style blue hat)

On Saturday night Ryan and Jamie were either kind or cruel enough to invite us over to watch UT's first game of the football season against Notre Dame.  You know how UT has had a longtime tradition of picking much weaker opponents for season openers so that we could ease into the year by warming up against a team that stood no chance?  Well, this year the gods punished us for our arrogance, and UT became the sacrificial lamb.  It was ugly.  38-3.  Jeebus.  And it was Raylan's first football game.  Not even 5 months, and he already has a memory to suppress.
It was fun seeing the gang, though, and we were thankful to be invited!

("Uncle Ryan, why is everyone crying?") 
On Sunday we went out for lunch for Uncle Donald's birthday with Susan, Ciara, Uncle Donald, Ryan, and Jamie.  We went to Longhorn Steakhouse.  Raylan came with us, and although he was pretty good for the meal, he got a little fussy toward the end when we were about to eat cake.   By the time we got him home, he was crying a bit (he was mostly just tired and couldn't sleep while we were out).  Overall, though, we had a nice lunch and got to hang out with Uncle Donald on his birthday.  We got to talk and catch up.  So it was all good!

Other from that on Sunday, Amy did a little bit of shopping.  Then I had band practice.  It was fun, even though it was just Reed, Frank, and me.  We sounded pretty good, even though we didn't have a bassist (Jim ended up having to cancel due to problems with the A/C at his house).  Sunday night we watched Silicon Valley on HBO.  It's pretty funny.  Hopefully we'll watch some more episodes.

Monday we mostly just hung out around our house, although Amy and I both took turns watching Raylan and going to work out at the gym.  Amy made a really good pasta dish for dinner with spicy sausage in it.  In the evening we watched The Americans.

And that was our Labor Day weekend.  It was nice.  Got some good Raylan time in, and got to see some family.  Even pulled off an obligatory Labor Day trip to the pool.  Hope Mom and Dad are having fun with Terri and Kirk on their trip to Greece and Turkey!

Hope you guys had a good one!

(Raylan shows off his work space in honor of Labor Day)