Sunday, February 25, 2018


Hello!  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Ours was pretty good.
On Friday we went to a foster care meeting and got certified as foster parents.  So that's cool!  Now we are nervously waiting for a placement.
On Friday afternoon Ruben and Miguel stopped by the office with their son, Diego.  Diego was cute and well-behaved (meaning he mostly slept and didn't cry too much).  They seem like they're doing well.

Miguel, Ruben, and Diego
On Saturday it was raining and wet in the morning.  We went out for breakfast.  Then we took Raylan to The Thinkery.  We had a lot of fun.  When we got there Raylan immediately wanted to run upstairs to the water room.  He also managed to climb all the way to the top of the climber, but then was afraid to climb back down.  Amy eventually had to go into the thing to go get him.  He's lucky that his mom is smaller than his dad, or he would have had to live there...

Raylan implements his artistic vision in the light room

The best gears are gears that go "real fast!"

Saturday night Amy made chicken enchiladas.  They were good!
Sunday morning we took Raylan to Dick Nichols Park.  Ge got to ride his bike, play on the playground, play in a big sandbox (well, actually a sand volleyball court), and watch some guys play roller hockey (which he was fascinated by).

riding the trails with Mom

Sunday evening I ended up going over to Reed's for a bit to play some music.  It was pretty fun, and we sounded decent.
And that was the weekend.
It was over too fast!

Monday, February 19, 2018

President's Day Weekend Update

So our weekend was pretty good.
Amy ended up having to work a little late on Friday night, so I took Raylan and we went to La Posada for dinner.  They were showing the Winter Olympics on TV, ad he had a lot of questions about what all of those people were doing on the snow and ice.  He ordered his own food (chicken nuggets- which he ate a little of- and beans and tortillas- which he chowed down on).  We brought some chicken mole home for Amy.

Friday night dinner
Saturday we got up and took Raylan to the park and for a ride around the neighborhood on his balance bike.  It was a little cool and occasionally misty, but it was still good to get out and run around.  I took my bike up to the park as well, and Raylan and I had some races on the (empty) tennis courts.

The Joslin Elementary gardens.  Apparently Raylan is mystified that the
cilantro is continuing to grow

Skid Steer!
On Saturday afternoon I took a pretty long bike ride around South Austin.  It was cool and breezy (which allowed me to ride for a long time without ever getting sweaty).  It was good to get out and ride a bit.
Later, we drove out to Mom and Dad's house for dinner.  Raylan was really excited to see his Grandma and Papa, and Mom made some really good chicken enchiladas.  We had a really nice evening.  Apologies to Mom and Dad if we weren't super chatty, but it was nice to just sort of show up and decompress a bit in a place where Raylan was comfortable just playing with family and entertaining himself.
On Sunday I got us some breakfast from Central Market and then we went grocery shopping.  We played with Raylan.
Sidewalk Chalk Art
A shockingly accurate likeness of Papa and Grandma
In the evening I had band practice.  It was just Reed and Frank and I, but we sounded decent and had fun.
Monday Amy and I had the day off for President's Day, although Amy had a scheduled conference call in the afternoon with a District Court down in Houston.
In the morning we took Raylan over to Garrison Park.  He rode his balance bike and played on the playground (Raylan has decided that one of their playscapes doubles as a spaceship).

Raylan is surprisingly good at balancing on his bike.  He manages to cruise
long distances with his feet up when going downhill, even on the trails.

Later in the morning, before lunch time, I took Raylan and dropped him off at his school so I could get him out of the house for Amy's conference call.  Raylan ate lunch with his friends and took a nap while I ran a couple of errands, and then I picked him up after nap.  He was gone about 3 hours (two of them asleep), I got to take care of some stuff while Amy did her work stuff.  It all worked out pretty well.  We got home in plenty of time to get some good playing in before dinner.

More fun with the Marble Run

Monday night Amy made some turkey chili Frito pie.  It was tasty.
And that was the weekend!

It was good, but went by fast.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Hi! How are ya?  (This is a real question!  We have a comments section, folks!)
So, this wasn't really our best weekend.  I mean, not exactly tragic or anything, but Raylan got sick and the weather was sorta crappy.
On Thursday Mom and Dad took Raylan for the day.  He went to swim lessons, and it sounds like he had a good day.

Swimming with Javier
On Friday night we were planning to go out to dinner, but Raylan was really cranky and out of sorts. Facing the possibility of a screaming kid in a restaurant, we bailed on the dinner plan and ate at home.
On Saturday morning, Raylan woke up in a better mood.  We took him to get a haircut at this place near our house that specializes in kids' haircuts.  He had a pretty good time (well, relatively speaking- he still wasn't a big fan of scissors or clippers, but he liked the TV and the special chairs).

Dad, you gotta try this chair for your next haircut!!
Amy ran to the gym, and I hung out with Raylan for a bit.  We played and did art and went for a walk.

C'mon, Dad, just turn it on.  I can help with fixing these pipes!
After Amy got home and I went to the gym, she called me to tell me that Raylan had a fever.  It was a little surprising given that he had mostly been in a good mood all morning.  On the other hand, he had been in a bad mood the night before.
Anyway, we were supposed to be going over to Mom and Dad's pace that night to hang out with them and to see Ryan, Jamie, and Susan, but, instead, after Raylan's nap we spent the late afternoon and evening taking Raylan to the doctor.  Flu season has been hitting Austin really hard this year, and I called around to like 4 places before we could get him an appointment.  Then we went to the clinic for his appointment, and they told us it would be at least an hour and a half wait, and they wouldn't be able to test him for the flu, anyway, because they were out of tests.  So we drove over to a different walk in clinic, and managed to slip in as their last patient of the day as they were literally turning out the lights in the waiting room.  In the end the doctor didn't even test him for the flu, but said that, given the fever he had been running earlier, it almost surely was the flu.  He also didn't want to give him Tamiflu because he said it makes kids throw up and get diarrhea.  But he did write Tamiflu prescriptions for Amy and I so we wouldn't get the flu.

We got this cake to bring to Mom and dad's house for the dinner.
But we didn't make it to dinner.
But we still ate some cake.
On Sunday Raylan woke up fever-free.  It had gotten really cold overnight.  We didn't have any groceries left in the house, so we bundled up and went to La Posada for breakfast.

The Adventures of Steanso and Flu Boy!
I went to the grocery store.  Afterward I took care of Raylan for a bit while Amy ran some errands.

Raylan gets victory cake after successfully using the potty
like 7 times.

We laid low most of Sunday.  We had bad weather, and we weren't sure how Raylan was doing (he was periodically still acting weird).  We wanted him to get rest.

Sunday night I went over to Reed's house for a bit to play some music with him and Jim.

And that was the weekend.  Not exactly terrible, but we had a sick kid who was sometimes cranky and sometimes hyper, and we had weather that mostly kept us all in the house.
We were all sorry to miss the chance to go to dinner at Mom and Dad's, but... oh well.  Next time.

Have a good week!

Sunday, February 04, 2018


Hi!  How's it going?
We had a nice weekend!
On Friday night we went out to dinner at La Posada.  Raylan told us in no uncertain terms that he wanted a taco.  He got his taco.  He even ate some of it.

La Posada after a tiring week
On Saturday morning we had a home study for foster parent certification.  Mom and Dad picked up Raylan after that, so we could do some fun, non-toddler activities for Amy's birthday.  Saturday afternoon we went to see The Shape of Water.  It was a strange, original, fun movie.  It had some really cool scenes.  I'm not exactly sure that I found it "Best Picture" material (guess I'm more likely to pull for Dunkirk), but it was still a really fun movie.  It just seems more like the kind of thing that I would traditionally think of as more of a cult hit as opposed to garnering this sort of mainstream attention- but, it felt really original and fresh, and maybe people are just really hungry for that sort of thing these days.  (the movie also featured quite a few scenes and songs from older movies- Oscar bait every time, right?)
Saturday night we went out for an Amy birthday dinner at Olamaie.  Olamaie serves Southern food, and it had been picked by a couple of critics as one of the best new restaurants in town in 2017. When we went to Charleston several years back, we had eaten at Husk, which also does upscale Southern cuisine, and we had enjoyed it quite a bit, so when Amy came up with Olamaie, it seemed like a good choice.
And we really liked it!  The food was good, the service was great, and it has a nice ambiance.  I had fish and Amy had.... I can't remember.  But she liked it.  I think it was some sort of pea/bean/vegetable dish.  We also had smoked cabbage and biscuits.
It was all very good.  It was also nice to just go out on a grown up date and spend time alone with Amy.
Sunday the weather was beautiful.  Amy and I went grocery shopping.  Mom and Dad brought Raylan home.  He had a blast at their house, and he keeps asking us when we're going to get him a piano like Grandma's.  Not sure what kinda musical numbers they were doing over there this weekend....
The weather was great, and it was warm enough outside that Amy even let Raylan run around in the sprinkler.

The sun is soooo warm, but that water is still sorta coooold!

You're gonna run in the sprinkler WITH me, right Dad?
In the evening I actually watched the Superbowl.  It was a good game.  I was cheering for the Eagles just because everyone is sick of the Patriots (right?).  Anyway, the Eagles won.  It was fun.
And that was pretty much the weekend.  It was nice.  It's cold again today.  I guess we're still not entirely done with winter.