Monday, August 26, 2019

Dad's Birthday Celebration; Update

Hey!  Hope everyone had a good week and weekend.

I spent two days last week at an environmental law training in Bastrop.  The training was held in a meeting space at McKinney Roughs State Park.  I had never been out there before.  It seemed like a nice park, although the 100+ temperatures sort of deterred me from wandering around too much.

Steanso gets closer to the environment.  To learn about protecting the
My dad's birthday was Wednesday. (happy birthday, Dad!  On Saturday we went out to Dad and Mom's house to go swimming and hang out.  We went to the pool, and had the whole place to ourselves (it's sort of crazy how Texans quit going to the pool the moment that school starts, even though it's still over 100 degrees outside).
We ate lunch and the kids got some rest time.  In the later afternoon, Ryan, Jamie, Dick, Susan, and Jeanne Farleigh came over to eat some barbecue and cake.  Jamie made a German chocolate cake (Dad's favorite), and it was really good.

Dad looks for Raylan and Kiddo while pondering the onset of some
mysterious back pain.
Kiddo does some coloring before dinner.

Raylan "assists" in blowing out the candles on Dad's cake.  Uncle Ryan
tries to prevent Raylan spit from landing on the cake.

Amy shows off the non-German chocolate, kid-friendly cupcake
We played hard on Saturday.  We went home tired.

On Sunday we got up and had breakfast.  Amy went for a run, and I loaded the kids in a wagon and took them to the park.
We had a good time, even though it was pretty warm and muggy outside.

Raylan gets in shape on the Joslin elliptical machine.

Kiddo gracefully descends the slide.

Raylan shows Kiddo the best way to put yourself
in danger.
I made it to the gym, and in the afternoon we played in the kiddie pool out back.

Raylan, jumping out to jump back in.

In the afternoon Amy made some tasty turkey meatloaf.  

In the evening I went to band practice.  Reed, Jim, and I played some songs, and Eric recorded them.

And that was the weekend!  
It was good, but went by very quickly!

Monday, August 19, 2019


Hey!  We had kind of a weird weekend.  On Saturday Amy and I had a foster parent training that took all morning and part of the afternoon.
May parents took Raylan and Kiddo out to their house to spend the day and the night.
It sounds like the kids had a great time.  I think they did some swimming, and they went to some kind of neighborhood celebration in Steiner Ranch.  Raylan got to see an emergency response helicopter up close and play on some sort of bouncing ride.

building Lincoln Logs with Papa

checking out the helicopter
Amy and I did our training.  On the way home from the training, Amy started to feel sick.
She ended up being sick for most of the rest of the day and night.  She was in bed for most of it.

She got to rest up, and I played my guitar and messed around the house.

On Sunday Amy was feeling better.  We went out for breakfast.  The kids came home after lunch.  They took naps and rested.  It was good to have them back!

When they go tup we played in the backyard for a while (until we got too hot).

August summer fun

They might be outgrowing this pool...

In the evening I went to band practice.  The weekend flew by much too quickly.

The end.

Monday, August 12, 2019


Hey! How is everyone doing?  It's really been getting hot outside, here in Austin.
My car thermometer was showing 102 degrees yesterday, and it's predicted to hit like 103 and 104 here today and tomorrow.
We had a pretty good weekend.
On Friday night we stayed in and had some Indian food.  Amy went to go work out/
On Saturday morning we got up and went to a play date over at Sam and Evie's house.  Dorothy and her parents came, too.  All of the kids are Raylan's age and go to his school (Sam and Evie being twins). 
The kids had a blast, and the parents had a good time visiting.
Although the afternoons are hot, the morning wasn't too bad.  The kids played in a kiddie pool in the back yard, and there was a nice shade tree.

Dorothy, Kiddo, Evie, Raylan, and Sam, hanging out
together in a non-school environment
After the play date we went out to Steiner.  We had lunch out there, and Kiddo and Raylan had some nap and rest time.  Afterward we went to Bella Mar pool.  The water felt good.
Mom made some chicken enchiladas for dinner.  They were really good.

Kiddo makes sure that everyone is ready to go, as dinner commences
After dinner, the kids were really tired (especially "no-nap" Raylan), so we headed home.

Sunday we were supposed to go to the pool with the Doggets, but Spencer woke up with some tummy trouble, so we didn't make it.  We went to Kerbey Lane for breakfast.

Amy wasn't feeling so great, either, so after breakfast, she stayed home with Raylan while I took Kiddo to the pool.
Kiddo and I had a lot of fun "swimming" and splashing around.  She played with two other little girls while she was there.
Raylan and Kiddo both took naps in the afternoon after lunch.

I had band practice in the evening with Reed, Frank, and Jim.
We sounded pretty good.

And that was the weekend!  It went by fast!

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but we had a good time.  You'll just have to take my word for it.  ;-)

Monday, August 05, 2019


Hey!  Hope everyone is doing alright.  It's real hot outside...
Our week and weekend was pretty good.
On Saturday, as has been our routine this summer, we went out to Steiner Ranch to go swimming and spend some time with our family.  Ryan and Jamie came out there, too, so that was really cool.  Also, Ryan just got a new job with the Provost's Office at UT, so it was an occasion to celebrate!
We got out there around ten, and stormed the gates of the Bella Mar pool.

My mom, watching Kiddo play in the Bella Mar pool.
I wonder how many total hours my mom has spent watching kids
at the pool....

On this trip, Uncle Ryan, a persistent spinner of yarns and teller of tall tales
as far as Raylan is concerned, was unable to convince his nephew that
flaying fish and sword fish were, in fact, real animals and not
make-believe creatures.
They're remodeling the bathrooms at Bella Mar, so they have bathroom trailers parked out front that have air conditioning and flushing toilets.  This was the highlight of the trip for Raylan, who has a strange fascination with urinals, in general.   
We played around in the pool for a couple of hours and then headed back to my folks' house for some pizza.  Ryan and Jamie took off after that, but our family hung out while the kids got a nap.  (well, Raylan "rested")
When the kids got up, Mom and Dad entertained them for a bit while Amy and I went for a walk. (which was nice, even though it was sorta hot out)

Grandma and Papa afternoon camp apparently involves
art and Play Dough
Later in the evening we went over to Waterloo Ice House.  We ate outside under the shade trees, fans, and misters, and the kids got to play on the playground.

Kiddo shows Mom around the Waterloo playground after dinner
Saturday was just a really nice, summer day- the kind of day that you want summer to be.  We had a great time hanging out with the family, and the kids had a really fun time.  They both love hanging out with the family.  Before bed Saturday night Raylan told me he had a really fun time at our "family pizza party".  ;-)

On Sunday, after Amy and I both worked out, we set out in search of adventure.  Interested in trying something new, we went to the Bartholomew Park splash pad.
This trip was not our greatest success.
It had been raining early Sunday morning, and it was really hot and oppressively muggy at the park.
The splash pad itself was mostly broken, with like 2 or 3 jets of water sort of feebly spraying into the air.  There was a birthday party at the park, so there were like 20 kids there, and most of them seemed intent upon standing upon the water jets so that no water would spray up into the air at all.  (I'm not sure why this was their favorite activity, but it definitely was)
The kids did play in the water a bit to cool off, and the played on the playground a bit until they got too hot and sweaty.  Overall, I guess they had a decent time (the kids really could have fun at a funeral), but it wasn't our most successful outing.

Raylan, doing what Raylan does at a playground.  Note that he's wearing a
swimsuit and is not wet
Later, in the afternoon, we went to Target.

Then I went to band practice.  It was Frank, Reed, Jim, and me.  Not sure hot it sounded, but we had a good time.

The end.