Monday, July 27, 2015


Well, it's been a busy week.  Jean came back to Austin with Amy and Raylan on Monday.  It sounded like they had a good flight.  Jean was with us through the week until Saturday.  Amy worked a part time schedule, so she got to spend a fair amount of time with her mom, while Jean took care of Raylan during the time when Amy and I were both working.
Jen Shaw brought us a tasty pasta dish on Tuesday along with some dessert bars.  Very good!  Thanks, Jen!  My mom and dad came over on Wednesday night and took care of Raylan while Amy, Jean, and I went over to St. Philip for dinner.  St. Philip is a relatively new pizza place over by our house.  It's run by the same folks who operate Uchi and Uchiko, but the food is entirely different.
We had a really nice meal there:  golden cauliflower, field green salad, sausage and fennel pizza, mushroom pizza, bread pudding, and a sundae for dessert.  They also had a nice beer selection.  The meal was really good.  We'll definitely go back.  It's cool to have it close to the house.
On Thursday Amy made a really good cobb salad.  On Friday night Jean took us out to Fire Bowl Café (thanks!).  Raylan came with, so he got to hang out, gurgle, and watch us eat noodles.  It was good.
On Saturday Amy and I ran to the store, and then Jean flew out for Phoenix.  The rest of Saturday we took care of some chores and stuff.
On Sunday we went out to my parents' house to go swim while they watched Raylan.  We had a really nice time at the pool, and hopefully they had a good time watching The Boy.
Mom fed us dinner.  We had stuffed salmon, pasta salad, and fruit.  The food was good, and it was a nice chance to catch up.
Now that I'm recapping, I'm realizing that I ate very well over the past week...

("Dad, don't you sit in one of these at work?")

(During a daily wrestling match, Raylan
works on pinning Amy to the floor)

(Nana uses her blue blouse to hypnotize Raylan)

(Gramma and Grampa watch Raylan ponder the possibility
of solid food)
So we had a good week!  Thanks to Jean for making the trip to Austin and for all of her help with Raylan!  Hope you had a nice visit, Jean!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Update and Arizona

Howdy! Hope you guys are doing well! It's getting a little hot out there.
So last Wednesday we packed up and headed to Arizona.  It had been a little while since either of us had been out there.  Amy's doctor didn't want her flying anywhere during the last part of her pregnancy, and then after Raylan was born, we didn't want to put him on a plane until he was all vaccinated up.
So we finally brought The Boy out to Phoenix to meet the aunt, uncle, cousins, grandparents, and great grandparents.  We were a little nervous about flying with a baby on a plane, but Raylan did great on the way out there.  He stayed pretty happy and slept through part of it. 
(it's all first class when you're a bebe)

We got to Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon.  On Wednesday evening we had dinner at Greg and Jean's place with the whole gang.  Carol and Jerry and Matt and Heidi and Scott, Nathan, and Rosie all came over.  Raylan got to meet his cousins, and I caught up with everyone a little bit and played with Scott and Nathan.  We had shredded chicken tacos for dinner with black beans, and they were really good.

(Jerry, Raylan, and Amy)

(Amy, Carol, and Raylan)

(Amy, Raylan, and Greg)

(Rosie, Jean, and Raylan)
On Thursday I went swimming with Amy, and we stopped by Heidi and Matt's new house to check it out.  It's very nice!  I also got to see the new house that Jerry and Carol just bought, which is also a nice place.  Jerry and Carol are planning on putting in new floors and possibly having some painting done.  The house already looks good, and it will be even more fun to look at it to see the results of the changes that they're planning to make.
Thursday night Jean made some really good salmon sandwiches with avocado, along with potatoes and a broccoli salad.  Very tasty.
I was only out in Phoenix from Wednesday through Friday evening. Amy and Raylan stayed out there and are flying back this evening with Jean (she'll be staying with us this week).

My weekend without Amy and Raylan felt a little weird.  I miss them when I think about them, but, also, time went by really fast.  Saturday morning I tried to swing by Dan's for breakfast tacos, but it was a zoo, so I ended up going to Taqueria Los Jaliscienses.  It's a little neighborhood taqueria over on Ben White, not far from our house, and I've driven by it a million times.  I had chilaquiles, and the food ended up being pretty good taqueria fare.  I would definitely go back.

Also, I took the opportunity to practice my guitar.  I went out to dinner with my folks (thanks to Mom and Dad for picking me up at the airport and for helping square away our guest room, by the way!) and with Ryan and Jamie.  We went to Cypress Grill, and we had a nice time.  After dinner Ryan and Jamie hung out at the house for a little while.  We listened to a little music, chatted, and relaxed. 
On Sunday I did a little grocery shopping and a little bit of yard stuff.  I got exercise both days.
Late Sunday afternoon I went over to Reed's, and we played tunes for a while.
And that was pretty much it.

I had a good, albeit brief, trip to Phoenix.  Nice to see everyone!  Very appreciative of the hospitality!  Also looking forward to having Amy and Raylan back.  Looking forward to Jean's visit this week. 

Stay cool, everybody!!

Monday, July 13, 2015


The weekend was pretty good.  Thursday night Amy took us out to dinner at Central Market café (did I ever mention that I love my wife?!).  It was good.  Raylan seemed to stay fairly entertained, and it was nice to get out for a little bit.  We even got "cute baby" compliments from people.  Always nice to get a little positive reinforcement on these baby outings.  Still new territory for us.

(bebe y madre about town)

On Friday night I think we just hung out with Raylan.  Eventually he went to sleep, and we watched The Americans.  We're enjoying it.
Saturday morning Amy took care of Raylan and gave him a bath.  I ran to the grocery store and to Costco. 
In the afternoon Shelly and Kit stopped by.  It was good to hang out with them and catch up.  Kit is doing an internship with Cray.  Cray builds supercomputers.  Think WOPR (aka "Joshua").  Think Skynet. 
If Kit continues working for Cray, he'll be on the front lines when the singularity comes.  And if Kit is going to be one of the first people to come in contact with an artificial intelligence, the machines are in for a wild ride.

(Tummy Time!)

(Shelly and Raylan)

On Sunday we went out to my parents house for some family time, a swim in their pool, and dinner.  We had a cookout with chicken sausage, corn, asparagus, and a salad or two.  Very nice.
So it was a good weekend!  Saw some friends and family, got to go to the pool, and spent a lot of time with Raylan and Amy.  Things are good!

Monday, July 06, 2015

4th of July Weekend

So I hope you guys all had a happy Independence Day weekend!  Ours was good.  Low key, but good.
We had Friday off from work, and on Friday evening my parents came over to babysit Raylan.  Amy and I went to the movies and out to dinner.  We went to see Spy, the new Melissa McCarthy movie about, well, spies.  It was really funny.  We both enjoyed it.  Afterward we had Thai food for dinner and then headed home to see The Boy.  Big thanks to Mom and Dad for giving us the night out!

Saturday morning, on July 4th, I got up and did some grocery shopping.  Then the Shaw family stopped by to meet Raylan.  It was good to see them, and we all had a good time hanging out.  They brought some clothes for Raylan, which we were thankful to get.
(Reed, Meredith, and Sloane pose with a stoic Raylan)

(Sloane, Jen, and Raylan)

The rest of Saturday was pretty laid back.  We exercised, and I ended up taking a much needed nap at some point.  I ran an errand or two, but mostly we hung out around the house.    Saturday night Amy made a Cobb salad, and we watched The Americans.  We didn't really watch fireworks this year, but holy jeebus, you could hear them going off all over our neighborhood.  They were loud.  Sounded like pipe bombs (okay, I've never actually heard a pipe bomb, but you get the idea).
Raylan, Cassidy, and even Amy pretty much slept through them, but they kept making me jump.  Oh well.  At least I got to take part in the 4th of July experience without ever leaving the comfort of my house.

Sunday morning we got up and went out to breakfast at Central Market.  It was nice to get out.

("I believe I'll have an omelette today.  Or maybe formula.
Perhaps I will have formula.")

After breakfast we went over to Katarina and J.R.'s house for baby playdate day with their son, Logan, and Mary and Truett.

(Here we see Truett recruiting Raylan and Logan to join the roughest,
toughest baby gang in Babyland.)
We had a good time getting the kiddos together.  They seem to genuinely watch each other and sometimes react to one another.  All three of them are pretty vocal, and at times they were pretty vocal together.  They mostly all stayed in a pretty happy mood, too, for the most part.
It was nice!  Thanks to Katarina and J.R. for having us over.
Sunday night I went to Mono Ensemble practice for the first time since Raylan was born.  It felt really good to get out and make some music.  Despite not having played together in months, we sounded pretty decent.
The U.S. women's team was playing in the World Cup championship game during practice, and Frank's daughter, Sarah, kept sending him text updates.  After the game I headed home and watched the end of the game (as well as the beginning, which I had recorded).  It was nice to see the U.S. perform so well and bring home a victory.  It's also cool to see women's soccer picking up so  much attention around the world.
Amy made chilaquiles for dinner.  Delicious.
And that was pretty much our weekend.
Hope everyone had a good, safe, fun weekend.
Have a good week!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Short Post on the Gay Marriage Ruling

My brother wrote a good blog post about the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling and it's implications (surprisingly, Ryan can actually write pretty well about things besides comic books and film noir when he sets his mind to it).  You can read his post here. 

In the comments section of his blog I dropped a comment, and I wanted to reiterate it here, for posterity's sake if nothing else:

"Good post! I remember serving on the student Senate back at Trinity from about '93 to '95, and the administration didn't want to allow LGBT organizations to use any campus facilities to hold meetings or hold film screenings, etc. They knew that there were gay students on campus, but it felt like the school didn't want to acknowledge them. I believe that the primary reason was that they were afraid that it might hurt fundraising efforts with the alumni if the school became too openly accepting of gays. The people in the student association just wanted to help out some of our friends. We thought of our school as fairly progressive, and we were kind of floored by the fact that the student would discriminate against any of its students this way. We also worked on trying to add sexual orientation to the school's nondiscrimination policy, but the school fought us pretty hard on that, too. We made some progress by the time we graduated, but ultimately we had to hand our efforts off to the next generation of incoming students (the administration just kept trying to put the issue off, apparently thinking the issue would blow over). A lot of change has happened in a relatively short period of time. Trinity now proudly touts its support for LGBT students on its website, and gay marriage, which seemed utterly impossible when I was in college, has come to pass. At any rate, congrats to everyone who supports equality. In a better world, equality wouldn't be controversial."

Anyway, I have LGBT coworkers, neighbors, and good friends.  I'm really happy for them.  I'm happy for the whole country.  I know that there are people who see marriage equality as a cause for agitators and troublemakers, but the truth is, I really think that anyone who doesn't want equality for another person is the one causing the agitation.  Everyone has to be equal.  It's nice to see our country taking another step toward realizing that goal.

Picture Addendum

(Raylan sporting Hawaiian party wear.  Thanks Funcle Ryan
and Aunt Jamie)

(Kaylee meets Raylan during our visit with
the Bloods)

(Raylan and I have a quiet moment
before Amy gets out of bed)

(Raylan and I go for a walk on my first solo day
with him)