Sunday, February 26, 2017


Hey!  How's everybody?

We had a pretty good weekend.  Kind of low key, but good.

"I make these look good."
On Saturday morning we went to Kerbey Lane for breakfast.
Afterward we took Raylan to the zoo.  It was a nice morning- sunny and a little cool.  The animals were up and about.

"Dad, now that we have a fence around our yard, we could raise some
of these guys, right?  Right, Dad?!"

"Once I was the ruler of a vast savanna.  Now small, human boys,
 smelling tantalizingly of pancakes and strawberries, feel free to yell at me
without fear of reprisal..." 

"Okay, I'm gonna feed you now, but you gotta let me ride you
later, okay?"

"Here's a treat.  For helping that Little Blue Truck out of the mud."

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm a little worn out."
Saturday at lunch time Amy went over to watch Truett while Mary and Chad completed some more tasks to finish the move into their new house.  Raylan slept and I worked out.  Later, she exercised, and I took Raylan for a walk.

Sunday morning we got up and all went to the grocery store together.  Sadly, we were unable to acquire one of the coveted racing car shopping carts.  Maybe next time...

Later in the morning I took Raylan to his music class.  It was fun.  The class take place in a dance studio full of mirrors, so Raylan seemed a little distracted with the possibility of just running around while looking in the mirrors.  He participated in some of the stuff, though, and we had a good time.

"I'm stepping up my springtime look this year, Dad.  New shades."
On Sunday afternoon I got an oil change and ran an errand or two.
In the evening, Frank came over and we had a two man, acoustic band practice.  It was good.  I think we sounded decent, given the fact that we don't usually play that way.

After dinner, Amy made some tasty soup (I'm not sure what you call it, but it had paprika and sausage in it).

And that was the weekend, pretty much.

It went by quickly.  I hope you guys had a good one.

Monday, February 20, 2017

President's Day Weekend

So we had a 3 day weekend this weekend! President's Day!
On Friday night Amy was still stuck in a deposition, so Raylan and I went out for a father-son dinner at La Posada.  The place was lively, the waitresses doted on Raylan, and we got a table near the coin operated stuffed animal claw-grab machine, which was perpetually manned by three small girls with an endless supply of change.  All of this, coupled with chicken nuggets, made for a very exciting experience for The Boy (who had to overcome the initial disappointment of finding out that pancakes are not on the dinner menu).  I ate tasty chicken enchiladas.

"Dad, one more chicken nugget, and then I'm gonna get me a stuffed bear with
that mechanical claw.  It looks easy."

We got home, got Raylan a bath, and put him to bed.
In the morning, Amy was bummed that she had missed La Posada, and Raylan was bummed that he hadn't gotten their pancakes, so we went back for breakfast.

"Mom, I'm having the weirdest sensation where it feels like you just
did something and then you're doing it again."

After breakfast I think we just played at the house.  The weather was nice.  Amy went for a run, and I exercised after.
Later, Amy went over to Chad and Mary's new house to watch Truett while they ran back to their old place to grab some stuff.

Cassidy stands guard by the crazy coupe. 

Later on Saturday afternoon we went up to the Pinthouse Pizza on Burnet to meet up with Tommy and Kellie for Tommy's birthday.  Chad and Mary were also there with Truett, and Shelly and Kit were there along with Kellie's brother and some of their other friends.  It was fun!
Raylan got squirmy, so we didn't stay super long.  It was fun, though.  I wish we could have hung out longer.

On Sunday we went grocery shopping and ran errands.  I hung up a new mailbox that Amy got for us.  It looks cool!

Here's our cool new mailbox.  And Raylan trying to climb aboard
a very wary Cassidy.

Raylan took a long nap on Sunday.  In the evening Amy went out with Shelly and Emily.  It sounds like she had a really good time.

We had Monday off for President's Day.
It rained pretty hard overnight and into the early morning.
When it quit raining we went for some walks.
Mom and Dad came down in the afternoon and watched Raylan for a while.  Amy went running, and I went to see John Wick: Chapter 2.
Keanu Reeves shoots a whole lot of people in that movie.
It's violent, but the choreography of the fight scenes is really cool, if you're into that sort of thing.  It's also got a sort of interesting, stylized feel to it, with its depiction of a complicated, colorful, well developed criminal underworld.  The different kind of mobsters and hit men almost evoked feelings of the different gangs in The Warriors, especially given the protagonist's mission to simply reach his target with an entire criminal underworld seeking to do him in.
Anyway, it was fun.

Western Trails is still feeling the Valentine's Day spirit!

After the movie we all hung out for a while.  Then Mom and Dad left and we ate some delicious pozole that Amy had made.  Very good.

After dinner we watched Edwardian Farm.  
Then I wrote a blog post.  And I'm still writing it.

Have a good week!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Amy Turns 30! Truett Turns 2!

Hey! Hope everyone had a good week and weekend.  It was sort of a big week in our house!
Amy turned 30 on Tuesday.
My family came over to our house on Tuesday night, and my mom made a spaghetti dinner for us and a birthday cake for Amy.
It was really nice.  At some point Raylan noticed the birthday cake, freaked out, and charged at it while making a tortured, frantic cry of, "CAKE!!!!" Before running across the room and burying his fingers in it.  We aren't even sure how he's so aware of cake, but apparently he's quite fond of it.

Gathered round the sandbox to discuss the week's events.

"What?  It's someone's birthday?"

"I'm not that good at counting yet.  But that's 30 candles, right?"

"Uncle Ryan, deciding whether to become a jedi knight or a sith lord-
that's, like, a serious choice.  You don't want to just rush right
into a decision like that..."
On Saturday Amy and Shelly helped host a birthday party for Truett, Mary and Chad's son and one of Raylan's oldest friends (they go way back, although Truett has since moved to a different school).
The party was at Ramsey Park.  It was a lot of fun.  We had some picnic tables next to a really nice playground, and the weather was nice.  Amy and Shelly did a great job.
The kids had fruit cups and little organic cheese crackers and juice pouches, and Truett had a chocolate cake with little construction site toys on it along with a big construction truck balloon.
The adults had breakfast tacos and coffee.

Ted, Hannah, Chad, Mary, Heather, Amy, Lizzie, Raylan, Megan, and Truett.

Raylan, Amy, Mary, Heather, Otto, and Truett.

a bunch of people with Katerina and Logan in the middle

"The cake!  Please, for the love of God, Mom, the cake!"

"Shelly, I'm not sure you should really put on a construction hat unless
you're serious about helping me build stuff."

Happy birthday, Truett!!!
On Saturday afternoon we went out to my parents' house.  Our family friend, Barb, was in town, and she and Ryan apparently spent hours making a pasty dinner before the rest of us showed up.
(Pasties, for those who don't know, are a sort of meat pie that were/are really popular in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I think they sort of came in with the mining community and the Scandinavian immigrants who settled up in that part of the country.  I grew up eating them on visits to my grandparents' house, and my grandmother would sometimes make them at our house when she came to visit).
So the pasties are sort of a family tradition, in a way.  Since Mom never really got all that into making pasties, Barb's visit was a chance for Ryan to try to quickly learn how to carry on the pasty tradition.
Also, I ordered a carrot cake birthday cake from Russell's Bakery for Amy, so we picked that up on the way over there.

Pasty makin'!

Raylan tries out the pasties.  And decides that he primarily likes eating
plain ketchup.

Anyway, it was a nice dinner.  The food was great, and it was nice to see Barb and hang out with the family (Susan and Uncle Donald were there, too, and Juan stopped by for a pasty).

On Sunday we mostly did chores and hung out around the house.
I went to the grocery store, took care of some laundry, and took Raylan to the park.

Normally Raylan and I don't like to be photographed in our Sunday
lounge wear.

Amy made some really good fish tacos on Sunday.
I had a short band practice with just Reed and I.

And that was pretty much the weekend.
It was fun, but it went by quickly!

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Monday, February 06, 2017


Hey! How's everyone?  Raylan and I are both getting over colds, but other from that we're pretty good!
Our weekend was busy, but fun.

Friday night we stayed home and watched Lone Star, a sort of Texas border town film noir directed by John Sayles from 1996.  It stars Chris Cooper, Kris Kristofferson, Elizabeth Pena, and a young Matthew McConaughey.  I'd seen it before, but had forgotten most of it.  
Good movie.  
Tight plot.  Good acting.
We enjoyed it.  We had recently watched Hell or High Water.   
Lone Star was better.
Saturday we got up and went for breakfast at Central Market.  We also picked up a few snacks for...
"Hello?  Hello?  Is your refrigerator running?"
Play date party!
Amy invited a few work friends over on Saturday morning for a toddler play date party!
So at our house we had Heather and Toby with Otto, Megan with Lizzie, and Katerina with Logan.
Everyone had a good time.
The weather was kind of cool and a little misty, so the kids mostly played inside with toys.  They went outside for a little bit, though, to play on Raylan's fort.

Toddler chaos with Hotwheels and trucks and cars and blocks and...

Raylan and Logan enjoy the "toddler buffet"

"Yup.  This is how it's s'posed to be, Dad.
Lizzie hangs out with her mom, and Raylan
seizes a chance to grab more food

Logan insists that I try a delicious cracker
Amy "enjoying" the toddler madness (she actually really did)
On Saturday afternoon Mom and Dad picked up Raylan so he could spend the night at their house. Amy and I had a nice dinner Saturday night at Cypress Grill.  At home, we watched Superbad.
It's a pretty funny flick (although definitely not safe for the kiddos.  Or appropriate for my mom and dad.  Okay- basically it's only funny if you can conjure the sense of humor of a high school kid.  An immature, dirty minded high school kid.)
On Sunday we ran errands and went to the gym.
In the afternoon we went over to my folks' house to pick up Raylan.  We picked up some pizza on the way over there, and we ate dinner with them at their house.
It was a nice evening.

"This monster truck is more or less the sort of thing that
 I expect to have by age 16, Mom.  This thing is a hybrid, right?"

When we got home we put Raylan to bed, and I watched the second half of the Superbowl.  I guess the media is hyping that game as a triumph by the Patriots, but from where I was sitting it looked like the most epic choke of all time by Atlanta.  They were just nonexistent in the second half of that game.  I have no idea how they got 28 points in the first half.  Or how they even got to the Superbowl in the first place.  They looked terrible.  I guess they just had a complete mental breakdown, because apparently they were really good during the season.
Well, the only football I've seen them play this year was the second half of the Superbowl, and they showed no signs of life.
The whole thing didn't exactly make me feel like tuning in to watch the NFL again next year.

Then this morning was back to school for Raylan and back to work for us.

"So what'd you guys do this weekend?"

Good weekend!  Gone too fast!
Have a good week!