Monday, June 09, 2008

Falling in the category of: Oh yeah, by the way....
In the course of chillaxin' this weekend I came across a movie on Sci Fi called Rise: Blood Hunter. It's a vampire movie (although I just read on IMDB that the word vampire is never used in the film) starring Lucy Liu, and although it's actually a Samuel Goldwyn Films release that was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, it was being shown on the Sci Fi Channel as a Sci Fi Channel film. Anyway, it's a small, simple, straightforward movie about a reporter who ends up hunting down a small group of vampires. I don't know exactly why I'm endorsing this movie except that it turned out to be better than I thought it would be (although, admittedly, my expectations going into it were really low). It has some genuinely scary moments, and some pretty good acting on the part of Lucy Liu. The plot is sort of pleasantly simple, with the movie focusing on some of the more horrifying aspects of the whole vampirism phenomenon that other movies seem to gloss over (e.g., how disturbing it is to have to feed on another person for the first time, how messed up it would be to know that you have to murder other people in order to survive, etc.).
Anyway, the movie is much more about interesting execution of existing ideas than about novel new plot innovations within the vampire genre.
That's it. That's my review. Rise: Blood Hunter- it's more interesting than you might think.


The League said...

I guess this makes a lot more sense than my initial impression that Lucy Liu was having to do Sci-Fi original movies. It was a just an indie that found its distribution thru Sci-Fi.

Not that I really track Lucy Liu's career, but it wasn't that long ago that she was in pretty sizable roles in large movies.

I do recall being told in Production Management 101, having a colon in your title is a sure sign that your movie is headed for a home video release. And to this day I love a good colon-titled flick.

J.S. said...

Yeah, actually I think that when this movie was originally shown at Tribeca it was just called "Rise". When it was later movied to Sci Fi and DVD release, the colon and "Blood Hunter" were added.

The League said...

That is so awesome in so, so many ways.