Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's completely ridiculous to be getting excited about this this early, but tickets went on sale for ACL Fest today, and Steanso already bought a couple. What can you say? I've never had anything less than a really good time at the festival (even when the temperatures reached a record 108 degrees last year, so that's saying something). I'm kind of pissed that the festival organizers moved the festival a week earlier this year (I wanted it to move a week later in order to help with the chances for cooler weather), but let's all just keep our fingers crossed and pray for clouds. According to an incredibly reliable source (i.e., Jeff "Crackbass" Wilson), the Flaming Lips are already scheduled to play ACL Fest this year and Radiohead is rumored to be in negotiations to play. anyhoo, everyone go out and get yourself some tickets while they're still only $90 for a three day pass. The more friends that are there, the more fun it is.

In other news, Zacarias Moussaoui took the stand at his own death penalty trial today in order to denounce his defense team and state that he had not been adequately or properly represented in his terrorism/conspiracy case. Moussaoui stated that he had repeatedly asked for a Muslim attorney, and that he didn't think his current defense team could properly assist him, partially because his defense attorneys were only interested in building fame for themselves and also because one of the defense attorneys was a Jew. Steanso's heart goes out to the Moussaoui defense team. During his tenure as a defense attorney, Steanso dealt with a number of disgruntled, frustrated, desperate, court-appointed clients who accused him of things ranging from general incompetence, to collusion with the prosecutors, to being a "white devil". Steanso's experience is that most criminal defendants turn on their attorneys only as a last ditch effort to avoid responsibility when they are facing some kind of particularly nasty outcome. First defendants will blame other parties (i.e., "the dope belonged to that other guy", or "my girlfriend started the fight and I was just defending myself"), and then blame the prosecutors or the cops, then the judge, and finally, when all else fails, their defense counsel. I guess they figure that they can portray themselves as innocent victims who have been railroaded by a corrupt system, and perhaps gain sympathy with a judge or a jury.
The role of criminal defense attorney can often be a thankless one, and sadly, some of these defendants who turn against their attorneys do so on the cases where their attorneys are working at their hardest for their clients, often in cases where the client is facing an extremely difficult case and where the attorneys are waging an uphill battle. The client panics, realizing that they face difficult odds at trial and possibly a harsh sentence if they are convicted, and they try to turn the attention away from their own misconduct and toward the performance of their lawyer. In cases where the attorney is court appointed, his client may start out with a predisposition toward being suspicious of his lawyer in the first place (many clients don't trust lawyers who are paid by the same system which pays the judges and the prosecutors- they feel that the main objective of court appointed lawyers is merely to clear cases rather than to act in the best interest of their client. Sadly, this is occasionally true).
Anyway, I just heard about this recent rant by Moussaoui and it made me shake my head in sympathy for those poor ol' defense lawyers. I don't know any of them personally in any way, but I would bet a good chunk of change that they're working their butts off to try to save that ungrateful S.O.B..


CrackBass said...

a couple of tickets?

who else you taking? Will Roundball be making an appearance?

J.S. said...

Roundball is unlikely to appear (though he has been encouraged to do so), as he hates to have fun. The other ticket may be made available to purchase if Roundball doesn't want it (I'm looking at you again, Jackbart). If I can't sell the ticket, I will trade it to some cheap floozey for smooches.

CrackBass said...


Will you trade it to JackBart for smooches?

Also, have you considered renting out a room fro ACL festival?

Will there be a Steanso post ACL party again this year?

J.S. said...

Your answers are:
-maybe to Big Johnson
-perhaps. does another ACL afterparty seem like a good idea to people? Last year everyone seemed pretty tired. I guess I'm looking for input on question 3.

Anonymous said...

is diva cheap and floozy enough?

this question stands unrelated to the ticket, since i can buy my own.

my sober smooches are expert.
my drunk smooches are sloppy.

The League said...

You know, I haven't totally said "no" the Steanso yet. Maybe I'll use that ticket. Maybe. I. Will.

CrackBass said...

shoooooot. after throwing down the "Arizona summer vs. Texas summer" guantlet, your ass better be here in a sweatsuit and mohair trenchcoat.

I say yes to the after party, unless it is 106 degrees or hotter