Friday, April 28, 2006

For those of you who are inclined, there's a good article in the N.Y. Times about homicide statistic in N.Y.C.. I'm not going to really review it here, but it's an interesting article about trends regarding who's doing the killing and who's being killed in New York, and I think some of the trends can be extrapolated across the country (Steanso minored in sociology/criminology in college and is kind of interested in this kind of stuff).
The Commerce Department announced today that the U.S. economy showed marked growth in the first quarter of this year. Great. Kickass. According to the Labor Department, employee compensation packages are slightly shrinking. The rich get richer and everyone else just keeps struggling along to support them. Welcome to economic boom under the Republicans.

Last night I had dinner with Team Wilson as well as Kate and Judy. Kate is currently undergoing some kind of cleansing regimen during which she is subsisting on a diet of water, honey, pepper, some kind of syrup, and lemon for about two to three weeks ("Until I feel cleansed..."). Crazy. I think that if someone were to abduct me and force me to live on such a diet I would report it to Amnesty International as torture and inhumane treatment upon my release.
I also rocked out with Crackbass and Feral Andy over at the Hop-a-Long Lounge. We had some hits and some misses. I've noticed that whenever we have to resort to actually trying to figure out which notes we're playing with Crack it usually means that things have begun to go awry ("I said play a C, damnit! It's a C!!!!!!). We had some good jams, though, and some strong grooves. Crackbass almost played a Gorillaz song. Almost.
My dad (that's The Admiral to you kids) is on a whirlwind tour of his company's domestic facilities this week. He's been gone to Canada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and possibly other places I can't think of. I think he gets back to H-Town tonight. My mom had a good Field Day, and although he's a good athlete, that Jimmy Junious still can't follow directions.

That's it for now. Have a good weekend!!!

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