Friday, April 21, 2006

I've known plenty of lawyers who felt like they were dying up there in front of the jury during a rough trial, but Tom Farris, a 57 year old defense attorney in Raleigh, North Carolina, actually dropped dead of a heart attack while trying a DWI case. That sucks. I hope Tom enjoyed being a defense attorney, since that's where he spent his final hours. At any rate, we here at The Adventures salute you Mr. Farris. Laywers are kind of their own subculture to begin with, and then attorneys who work in criminal law are kind of an insular subsection of the larger legal community, and criminal defense attorneys are a group which is even one step farther removed from the overall criminal law community (which includes judges and prosecutors, obviously). Nobody understands criminal defense attorneys like other criminal defense attorneys (other defense attorneys being some of the only people who don't constantly ask, "How can you do that for a living?"). Even though I'm a prosecutor now, as a former defense attorney I honor the passing of a member of the brotherhood who went down in the line of duty, but hopefully doing a job that he took some pride in and enjoyed. Via con dios, Tom Farris.
AMD finally got the go ahead to start construction on their new facility at southwest Parkway and William Cannon drive. The project has been contested by Save Our Springs, which is upset about the new facility being built on the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone and also about the fact that they think AMD snuck their building permits in under older, enviromentally looser building codes than currently required by city ordinances.
Steanso has some mixed feeling on this, but I guess I think it's ok (although I may still be being duped). AMD has reacted to the opposition by SOS by taking significant measures to make their facility enviromentally friendly (they are including large amounts of unimproved land and a really big rainwater reclamation system, for example). Of course, they may still secretly be getting ready to screw us, but since they seem to be in Austin for the long haul, I don't find that very likely. My basic feeling (as frequently articulated by Weedo, an AMD employee) is that sooner or later there's going to be some kind of development in that area, so we might as well had the job over to some people who are going to make an effort to have as minimal an impact on the enviroment as possible (which is what AMD's PR machine would have us believe is going on now). Anyway, the new facility will give Weedo a shorter commute as well, and we all want a happier Weedo.
What else? We had a three man Crack practice last night (the power trio of Sigmund, Crackbass, and myself) and had a good time. Sigmund had some equipment difficulties with the trombone, but we got them mostly ironed out. We also hung out and listened to the new Mono album, which Crackbass and Sig seemed to enjoy.
Well, that's it. Have a super awesome kickass weekend!!!!!!!

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The League said...

Well, the good thing is that if Reed and AMD are wrong, nobody will have drinking water in about fifteen years.

The biggest danger would be from pollutants possibly generated in manufacturing, but it doesn't sound like that's what they're planning to put on that site.

I do agree that sooner or later somebody was going to buy that land, and much better AMD than an auto dealership which would pave the whole area.