Tuesday, April 11, 2006


In case I don't get a chance to post until late in the day tomorrow, I want to go ahead and wish my bouncing baby brother a happy birthday for tomorrow, April 12th!!! Although Ryan was what we call a "late bloomer", he's put the days of rubber sheets and protective helmets mostly behind him, and moved on to become a fairly interesting guy. Anyway, I send out a shout for mad birthday props!
In all honesty, Roundball's a pretty good brother when he's not busting my chops (and even when he's giving me a hard time, I probably wouldn't have it any other way), and I wish him a lot of happiness with the wife and the pooches out there in the desert on his birthday.
I wish you were here, man, and I wish the very happiest of birthdays to you!!!!!



The League said...

Hey! A mad shout out to me on my B Day! Man, I sure appreciate the well wishes. It almost makes up for the many years you forgot my birthday. Almost.

I'm feeling so good, I tell you what... next time I'm in town I promise I will give you a $10 bill for one of your weekend "dates".

MONO E ROCKS THE GREATER AUSTIN AREA!!!!! (and Crack to a lesser extent)

Anonymous said...

I think you should have your brother do a "drop and roll" for old times sakes.../dona karon

Cobra Kai Dojo said...


I went to the stellastarr*/Editors show last night. Editors kicked ass. If you haven't heard "Munich" yet download it. Both bands are in that Interpol/Echo & the Bunnymen genre. I heard Editors played SXSW.....any buzz?

I also picked up a copy of Austin's own The Black Angels. "Passover"
Wow. Droning, feedbacky, asskicking rawk.
Has anyone seen them live down there???Crack? Reed? Steans?
I think Larry Lee would dig them....

Metal up your arse-

CrackBass said...


what you think of stellastarr* ?

thats the second recommendation for Balck Angels in a week (whom Steanso and I declined to see with Leigh and Eddie last week, after the dog biting incident). Editors did make some ruckus at SXSW. Guess I'll pick up these two albums.

Along with:

Art Brut
Rumble Strips
Band of Horses
The Ark (though this may be a better live band than album)

I'll let you know how they shake out. (Though buying this many albums at once is usually a bad idea, I am blowing this money at Waterloo because I won my NCAA bracket pool, not because I am an insanley wealthy neer do well). And because that is how i roll.

Cobra Kai Dojo said...


I really liked stellastarr* (although the little asterisk is annoying) despite the relatively poor sound. (This was compensated for by the really hot bass player.)
I'm a big Echo & Bunnymen fan, and that's my comparison.
Editors stole the show, however, especially their more uptempo stuff....I feel bad for stellastarr*.....
THe first time around the Killers opened up for them, and rocketed to stardom. Now it's Editors turn.

If you want, I can burn you some recent purchases, to save the $$$. Email me if
interested- kevinpalka@yahoo.com
You too, Steans/Reed.



J.S. said...

This is supposed to be a birthday post for Roundball, you two wanna- be hipsters! Go find some other site to dump your college radio gossip on! Happy brithday, Roundball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!