Monday, April 17, 2006

Hope ya'll had a happy Easter.
Let's see. What's in the news today? Another Republican crashes and burns in a corruption scandal (this one would be former governor George Ryan of Illinois, who was convicted of trading state contracts in exchange for presents and cash for himself, family, and friends). Republicansd have always been a slippery bunch in Steanso's opinion, but the corruption that we've seen coming to light in the last couple of years has begun to reach almost epidemic proportions.
Here's something that Steanso is worried about, although it has no real bearing on any particular news event of the day. Steanso is worried that the Democratic nominee for the next presidential election will be Hillary Clinton. Steanso has no particularly negative feelings about Hillary, personally, but Steanso believes that Hillary rubs a lot of people the wrong way, and that she is particularly grating to many conservatives. The Democrats need to seize votes from a lot of middle-of-the-road swing voters. and for whatever reason, I think that Hillary jusr irks a lot of non-democrats (I think a lot of people are repelled by what they see as naked ambition on Hillary's part, especially the more conservative types who were annoyed with the active, involved role that she took within her husband's administration, her willingness to stay married to Bill after the Lewinsky debacle, and the fact that she successfully ran for the U.S. Senate in New York, despite the fact that she was not a native New Yorker). Anyway, I think that the most surefire way for the Democrats to throw away their chances during the next presidential election would be to run Hillary for president. She's too devisive.
Oh well. We've got mid term elections to worry about first, and those elections could change the entire nation's political landscape long before we get to the presidential election.
Vote Kinky for Texas Governor in 2006!!!!


StopKinky said...

No! Please don't support Kinky! He's a crazy man.

Kinky has voted only once in the past 12 years, and that was when he voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004. Kinky has run for public office before, and he ran as a Republican not as an independent. To appear more independent, Kinky has publicly said that he voted for Democrats in 2000, but public records confirm that was not true. Kinky's far-right-wing immigration plan of building a 700 mile fence and outsourcing the job of policing our border to five Mexican generals is completely insane. Finally, the national news program where Kinky said he'd like to punish criminals by locking them up, throwing away the key, and "make them listen to a Negro talking to himself" is too weird, and when asked if maybe "Negro" wasn't a poor choice of words, Kinky's comment that "Negro is a charming word" didn't help.

Stop Kinky!

weedo said...

At first, I was really excited about Kinky because he seemed like he was against the establishment. The more I have heard about him though, the less I have liked. Thanks for the post stopkinky.

Rick Perry is awful, and needs to go. The list of good candidates is shrinking.

Steanso said...

Well, he can't be any worse than Jesse Ventura or Arnold Scharzenegger (sp?). I would just like to see someone who isn't beholden to special interests in office.

StopKinky said...

Can't be worse that Arnold or Jesse? God, let's hope we can set the bar higher than that!

The anti-Perry vote is big, but how big? Can the anti-Perry vote be split two ways and still stop Perry? Maybe. Can the anti-Perry vote be split three ways and still stop Perry? Probably not. I hope either Kinky or Carole DOESN'T get on the ballot, and Carole has four times as much money to get on the ballot so I think she's going t make it. Kinky will only dilute the anti-Perry vote.

Steanso said...

Strayhorn is no good. She's a loud mouthed grandstander who's just another Republican in sheep's clothing. She switched parties from Democrat to Republican in the eighties, and now she's running as an independent (her ideology seems to switch with whatever is politically expedient at the time). Although she now attacks Rick Perry's tax plans as unworkable and unrealistic (and who doesn't?), she offers no plans of her own. More suspicious is the fact that as Comptroller she produced deficit projections which completely lacked any grounding in reality, but which did a great job of making her Republican superiors look better. Now that she sees an opportunity to further her own political career, she is undercutting the same people that she supported so vigorously in the past. She accepted substantial amounts of money from Enron execs and she'll gladly tell you about her family's rich history in politics at one moment before describing herself as just one of the common people a moment later.
Kinky might have some strange ideas, but I think he'll at least try to do the right thing.

Ideally I'd like to see a strong Democrat running for governor, but I think that Kinky is the best dog that we've got in the fight.

StopKinky said...


Two thoughts.

First, half of what you say about Carole is also true about Kinky. He's also a loud mouthed grandstander who's just another Republican in sheep's clothing (look at his past run for office as a Republican and his strong support for Bush as well as his right-wing views on immigration and school prayer and tax cuts for rich property owners). He was a Republican in the eighties, and now he's running as an independent (his ideology seems to switch with whatever is politically expedient at the time). Although he now attacks Rick Perry's tax plans as unworkable and unrealistic (and who doesn't?), he offers no plans of his own. Now he sees an opportunity to further her own entertainment career (he's got a book and a reality TV show soon to be released).

Second, you say you'd like to see a strong Democrat running for governor. Chris Bell is a strong Democrat (if that's what you're looking for).

From the beginning of Bell's public service career on the Houston City Council in the '90s, Bell has fought hard against improper lobbying practices, insider deals, and other corruption. As chairman of the city’s ethics committee, Bell passed tougher ethics rules, anti-lobbying regulations, and campaign finance reform to limit political action committee money in city elections.

In Congress, Bell was an effective representative and so he was one of Tom DeLay's top targets in the questionable mid-decade redistricting plan that is now under court review and criminal investigation. Where all of the other representatives stood on the sidelines while DeLay gerrymandered their districts, Bell -- with his long history of fighting government corruption -- filed a formal ethics complaint against DeLay. Bell was the first representative in almost a decade to stand up to ethical abuses in Congress.

As a direct result of Bell's stand against DeLay's ethics abuses, the house ethics committee censured DeLay and a criminal investigation was opened. Bell deserves much of the credit for tearing down DeLay's empire of corruption.

Now, I look at the Texas Legislature, and I think we could use a governor with a proven record of fighting against improper lobbying, campaign finance abuses, and outright corruption.

I'm not saying that Bell is the only candidate, but if you were looking for a strong Democrat, I think this is one hell of a good reason to consider Bell.

Steanso said...

Who are you, StopKinky? I'm intrigued....
I wish that Bell had a chance as well, but unfortunately I think too many Texans (especially non-Austinites) just have a knee-jerk reaction to vote against the Democrats at this point. I wish to god it weren't true, but I think it's going to take more than just a smart, reasonable person with good ideas to win this election. I feel that it's going to take someone who is extraordinarily charismatic to turn the Democratic party around in Texas (as opposed to simply having good, strong leadership positions and a platform that makes good sense), and I'm not sure that Bell is that man. The Democratic Party needs to reinvent itself as a populist movement in Texas that truly represents the interests of the common people over big business, the extremely wealthy, and political insiders. We need someone who people will truly rally around. Simply being an effective leader isn't going to cut it. Kinky's rhetoric may seem extreme and sometimes even silly, but it has sparked the public's imagination, and at this point that may be more important than having completely sound policy positions.