Friday, April 14, 2006

Well, Steanso is doing some lunchtime blogging today since he doesn't actually have time to go anywhere to eat before he has to go back to court. Easter weekend is upon us, and if everything is going according to plan, The Admiral and the Karebear (those would be Steanso's parental units to those who don't already know and love them) should be motoring toward Austin in the family truckster as I write this. I'm not sure what we'll do this weekend, but it's bound to be an Easter jubilee!
Last night I had dinner at the newly remodeled Central Market Cafe by my house (with The Pea and Crackbass). I just had a simple sausage and pepperoni pizza, but it was very good. They've done away with all of their outdoor seating at the cafe, which I found to be a very odd choice, since previously there always seemed to be plenty of seating for both indoor and outdoor customers (and I liked having a choice). Also, now that there will be no more outdoor seating, I'm told that the live music which the cafe used to host on Friday nights will be limited to singer-songwriters and small ensembles. I guess the blues, jazz, and rock bands which used to play there are a thing of the past (also kind of disappointing), and that they won't be hosting their cookouts on the outdoor grill, with cheap burgers and beers on summer evenings (yet another disappointment). The sodas that they're offering on the new soda fountain have changed (which sucks, because I used to like the old selection of Stewart's products), and last night there was a long line for ordering which moved slowly. Other than that, eveything's great! (seriously, though, they've added a lot of new menu items that I haven't tried and a breakfast menu which looked pretty good, so despite my whining, there may be some very good things about the new cafe that I have yet to experience)
And has anyone watched That 70's Show this year? I watched an episode last night while I was whirling away on my elliptical machine, and the whole thing just seemed bizarre and kind of sad. I used to love that show (I thought they actually pulled off a pretty damn funny coming of age story with a group of friends that actually seemed to enjoy each other's company), but it has jumped the shark in a horrific fashion. The plot has become nonsensical, and the lead character (Eric Foreman) has simply left the show (supposedly for the Peace Corps in Africa), although his ex girlfriend and all of his other friends continue to hang out with his parents at his house? With Topher Grace off the show and Ashton Kutcher making only periodic appearances, this show should have been cancelled quite a while back. Sometimes when you love something, it's better to just put it out of it's misery.
Gotta run. Lunch is over.


Lunch with Jason said...

Wow: "That 70s Show" is still on the air?

(Also, I'm going to resist the temptation to even comment on Steanso finding the fact that he has no time to go to lunch so unusual that he actually leads off an entire blog entry with that tidbit. The way I always heard it Steanso never had time for lunch. Hmmmmm.)

J.S. said...

Where are we going on this hypothetical lunch trip, Lunch? Maybe I just haven't been wooed properly.... (and then there's the fact that now that I'm in Court 4, I spend most of my lunches in my office with the lights off, crying)