Monday, April 10, 2006

Steanso is tired today, despite the fact that it's early in the week. Court, distraught victims, and even some of my beloved fellow attorneys have begun to wear me down just a tad, I'm afraid.
The weekend was pretty good. I had band practice, took Cassidy to the dog park, went to Barton Springs, and slept a good deal. I also got pretty darn sunburnt (you think I would be old and smart enough to put on some sunscreen by now, but it was very nice on Sunday, and the cool breeze and the warm sun were a wicked combination).
My heartfelt sympathies go out to Sherri Tibbe (my court chief) who had one of her dogs pass away over the weekend. It's a very hard thing to go through. Our pets are one of those rare groups who we bond to very strongly and without emotional reservations or safeguards. Anyway, I'm sorry Tibbe.
Just can't blog. Maybe more later.

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Anonymous said...

the juxtaposition of the last line on friday's blog ("the sun is not your enemy") with today's lament about excessive sun and ensuing sunburn is good for a chuckle. I'm with you about the dogs, though--they truly have a window into the everyday ridiculous behaviour and general insanity that we hide from the world. I think it would make a good reality show if someone got a job at a vet's office and secretly placed cameras into the dog collars of the dogs and then aired the resulting one sided conversations and anthropomorphic commentary that goes on around these furry beasts.