Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vince Young visited with the Minnesota Vikings on Monday? I guess it's still pretty unlikely that Vince would end up being drafted to the Vikes, but maybe they're interested in a trade or something? I don't know, and I don't really understand the logistics of how this would work. All I know is that the idea is weird. How will Weedo handle it if Vince goes to Minnesota (being both a die hard Vikings fan and a die hard Aggie)? I guess Weedo will adapt (probably pretty darn quickly if Vince performs well in the NFL). Anyhoo, probably still a long shot, but you never know....
And more sabre rattling from Bush in regard to Iran's nuclear program. The U.S. continues to strongly oppose the development of Iran's nuclear program- a program which Iran maintains is for strictly peaceful, energy producing purposes but which the U.S. suspects of developing weapons. Bush promised to keep "all options on the table" in combatting the advancement of Iran's nuclear program, which seemed to include the possibility of war (either nuclear or conventional).
The weak point in America's diplomatic position would probably be the fact that the U.S. is in possession of over 67,000 nuclear missiles , leaving it sounding just a wee bit hypocritical when we tell other countries that they can't develop nuclear power and/or weapons. And given the way that most of the middle east (and much of the world) views the war/occupation in Iraq, many in the global community might argue that Iran is justified in developing a nuclear weapon system so that it might defenend itself against foreign invaders.
Steanso finds the whole thing perplexing and a wee bit scary. Maybe the U.N. will help. I doubt it. More rolling blackouts predicted for today.


CrackBass said...

You know who would know more about this Vince Young thing? Our own Crack member, and professional sports write, Sigmund McClay Bloom.

Anonymous said...

If Vince Young can perform the kind of heroics that brought UT the national championship last year, and bring a Super Bowl to Minnesota all will be forgiven. I will be singing his praises just like everyone else in Austin. It will be weird rooting for him at first, but believe me it wouldn't take me long to join his ranks of supporters if he performs well for the Vikes.

It is funny with my allegiances to the Vikes and Ags, it does sometimes create weird scenarios. I want all Ags to do well at the next level except when they play the Vikes. I especially hate it when an Ag performs well against the Vikes and screws them. When a former UT player does well against the Vikes it's basically like (to borrow your phrase) getting kicked in the jimmy twice. You kicked me in the jimmy back in college and now you're going to do it to me in the NFL. Cedric Benson has the potential to do that to me since he's with the Bears. Kicked me in the jimmy when he was at UT, and could potentially kick me in the jimmy again in the NFL (thankfully last year he was a dumb ass and held out so he wasn't effective). Hopefully, Pat Williams, Ag, can slow down Cedric next year.

Odds are though unless the Vikes trade up (which I'm not sure they will or should do), there is no way they will get him. He won't be available that late in the draft. If they don't trade up, or trade for Matt Schwab (sp??) (Atlanta's backup QB) then they will probably look at the second tier QBs like Omar Jacobs, etc.

As Crackbass states though, the man to talk to about the upcoming NFL draft is of course Sigmund. Even with all of my football knowledge, I defer to him (especially with the draft). He follows the NFL much closer than I (which says something for those who know me). Especially in the offseason. I get distracted with other sports in the offseason whereas Sigmund is on top of it. Or better yet, if you want the complete story, and your head to spin from NFL football draft information and news, visit his blog:


(you can thank me later for the props Sig).

J.S. said...

Yeah, Steanso's knowledge of football admittedly pales in comparison to the knowledge of Sig and Weedo. Those guys know a ridiculous amount about football. Now if only they could use their powers for good....

lee said...

The Vince Young thread here is by far the most important thing Steanso has ever posted on the Adventures. Well done.

Simply put, VY crazy. Crazy VY.

VY may not be a genius, but he won't be getting paid to design rocket ships. Besides, everybody said that Terry Bradshaw was a moron (some still do) and he won 9 division championships and 4 Super Bowls. He had great athletic ability, a decent arm, was almost never hurt, and most of all, was a leader on the field. Sound familiar?

Bottom line for my beloved Houston Texans: you don't pass on drafting Michael Jordan. Ask the Portland Trail Blazers. In 1984, they had the chance to do draft MJ and took Sam Bowie instead. Sam freaking Bowie. Reggie Bush is no Sam Bowie, but he's no VY either.


J.S. said...

I'm impressed by your confidence in VY, Lee. I'm also a VY fan, of course, and I love watching the guy play, but like many others, I've still got some nagging doubts about his consistency as a player (especially if he isn't surrounded by so many other dominant players). I hope your optimism turns out to be well placed.