Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well, it's hump day. Crack practice is tonight, which is a good thing since we've been laying idle since the Bella Blue gig during SXSW. Crack is like a well-oiled machine, Adventurers, and if we don't take her out for a spin on a regular basis, she'll start to build up rust. Also, the Crack gang hasn't all joined forces since Sigmundo went to Europe and Crackbass returned from Hawaii. Maybe they will return from their travels feeling reinvigorated and ready to rock. Then again, they may not remember how to play their instruments at all.
What else.....
The news isn't much help. Katie Couric is going to CBS (I could care less) and some guy from Homeland Security got busted trying to solicit children for sex on the internet. That's great. We spend all of this time preparing for phantom terrorists to jump out of every shadow (theoretically the reason Homeland Security exists in the first place), and meanwhile the monster next door is being employed by the federal government to protect us. I tell ya- every once in awhile evil is spectacular and terrible and awe inspiring (as in the case of September 11th), but most of the time evil is subtle and banal and sneaks up on us in sheep's clothing (and most of the time evil isn't the work of inscrutable outsiders- most of the time it looks friendly and familiar until things go horribly wrong). How's that for some bright and cheery philosophy from Steanso? Sorry. How about that Katie Couric, kids......?
Also, Apple has announced the release of software which will allow Windows products to be used on Apple computers. Steanso really doesn't understand this because it seems that most of the people that he knows who are using Apple computers switched to Apple in the first place in order to avoid having to use Windows (you'll hear Apple users bitching about PCs a lot, but they're usually not actually complaining about the systems as much as they are about the Microsoft operating systems which are the common denominator among the many different kinds of PCs which are out there on the market). Most people (and this is, obviously, a big ol' generalization) who use Apple 'puters, in fact, seem to really have an intense dislike for Windows and Microsoft products as a whole. I wonder if the release of these Windows products for Apple systems is the first step in trying to move all Apple systems into a Windows operating system. I hope not. It's nice to have at least a little choice out there.

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