Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well, last night we finally got a bit of Ryan, but not nearly enough. Crackbass and Jackbart and I had gathered at Casa de Wilson so that Crackbass could grill us up some grub, and we watched in excitement as giant, purple clouds raced toward us across the radar map and lightning arced across the sky until... nothing. The first round of clouds broke up almost entirely before reaching us. We got a couple of drops. We caught a bit of rain off the second round of clouds, but nothing like the multi-inch rainfall totals and hailstorms that we had been promised. Damn. We need that water for Steanso's trees. And tubing. Especially for tubing.
Crackbass' Blogo De Wilson seems to be going fairly well. As advertised, it offers some interesting insights into the mind of Crackbass.
For those of you who have never hosted a blog, they can be very odd things. People may become offended or upset about things on that you post on the blog which you don't even realize are all that controversial. Sometimes you may be inundated with comments or criticisms, while other times you can't seem to squeeze a peep out of your readers (pathetically, I've discovered that personally, I'm just a whore for attention- I'd rather have people berate me in the comments section than not post at all. Just so long as they keep reading). Blogging also leads to some revelations about yourself. When you feel compelled to write something almost every day, you find yourself typing opinions and ideas that you didn't even know you had.
Maybe the most interesting thing about the blog is that it's a place where all kinds of different people from different areas of your life come together (in a hopefully semi-harmonious fashion). Weedo's mom has been known to read the blog from time to time as well as my uncle (although never of them ever post comments, darn it) and these people, via the magic of the blog, get to rub elbows with people like Crackbass. Friends from high school (like Cobra and Diva) share words with my brother (The League) and friends that I have made much more recently (like Sigmund, Jackbart, and Lunch). It's a weird melting pot, but a fun one.
I know that sometimes the blog gets a little stale, but you gotta hang in there through the slow times to be there for the fun ones. Such is the nature of blogging.


Anonymous said...

As a long time "acquaintance" I find your blog very interesting. It really is a great way to keep up with what is going on in your life, your interests and your views of what goes on in the world. And, it is interesting to see the interaction between you and your buds. Keep it up!

The Admiral

Works too much said...

It amazes me how many people I run into actually know of your blog. I had lunch with someone yesterday that commented on it. I got to admit, I check it most days myself.

diva said...

i've made it no secret, i enjoy hearing what you eat for dinner and where you and cassidy have been as much as your political views. i don't know if i've told you that the comments section is often the most entertaining to me. when reading the comments, i give each person his or her own voice in my head ventriloquist-style. the deep, gentle-but-firm voice i've given the admiral is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I find myself reading all three blogs almost daily (here, the League, and now even CrackBass). The question is......why ? I seriously don't even know the answer. Shoot, youlive like 5 minutes from me, I could go just hangout and experience all this stuff. I think it is an interesting commentary on the change in society. In this great age of communication, email and blogs, the overload of information (500 cable channels, DVR's, internet chat rooms and message boards)we have all these mediums competing for attention, and at the end of the day people end up spending less time with actual real people. Therefore friendships and family relations suffer. But there is something about the blog of a friend that allows you to remain in touch, be informed about their life, that kind of helps friendships and relationships stay together, especially if they are long distance. Like....say....5 minutes away.

That, and when you know lots of the other bloggers, you get to keep tabs on them too.

So, hello Cobra Kai, Admiral, Mrs. Admiral, DK, League, Crackbass, weedo, and all the others I am forgetting. Goodnight and shalom.


Cobra Kai Dojo said...

Ms.Diva--- What kind of voice have you given me? I suspect it is drunken and slurred, but entertaining.

Best regards to the Admiral and Carebear from Dr.Palka and Co.
(Bruce and Mary Ann are still living large in the same house in Oak Forest. Sean is doing well in the top secret computer biz in DC)
Big reunion in the summer in the U.P. for that side of the family, although I'm not sure I will be abel to trek back to Escanaba due to clinical responsiilities...

And courtesy of Steanso's blog, Crackbass and I are now networking as aging hipster music barterers.

Long live Steans.


CrackBass said...

I personally just want to get a bit of Ryan myself.

The League said...

The only person who should be getting a bit of Ryan is Mrs. League.

I know Peabo is entirely too busy teaching Homer to read and write to have his own blog, but I think he'd be a welcome addition.

Steanso said...

That is the most bizarre (and slightly frightening) typo ever.