Thursday, April 27, 2006

In light of the current anger and frustration of American consumers over gasoline taxes, Bush has once again managed to turn logic on its head and make things even worse. On Tuesday Bush ordered a cessation in the replenishment of the nation's oil reserve (meant to be set aside in case of a true emergency involving the country's oil supply) and urged that enviromental regulations and clean air rules be waived for American oil producers, allegedly so that oil could be refined more quickly and easily and be made available more readily to American consumers. The White House was unable to say what kind of an impact they hoped to see these measures having on gas prices, with the president only stating, "Every little bit helps". You know what else helps? When you try to discourage price gouging instead of giving tax breaks to the most profitable industry in the country.
These measures come at a time when oil companies continue to post record profits, with profits form the first quarter of this year totalling more than $16 billion, a figure up more than 19% from last year. In another bit of brilliant strategizing, Bush has suggested that perhaps the $2 billion tax break which the oil companies got from the federal government last year might need to be repealed.
C'mon, people? Is anyone really surprised that Cheney and the Bush White House are screwing the American in favor of big oil? Does anyone else remember Cheney's closed-door, secret, hush-hush White House meetings with representatives from the big oil companies and their lobbyists back in 2001 when he was forming the Bush administration's energy policy under the rubric of the National Energy Policy Development Group? Initially the general Accounting Office and later a government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, tried to get minutes and records from the meetings of this National Energy Policy Development Group, but were denied access due to White House secrecy policies and the use of laws which protect meetings held solely by federal officials (which is pretty much bullsh*t, as documents obtained by The Washington Post indicated that representatives from Conoco, Exxon, Shell, and BP America- all clearly not federal officials- were present at meeting of this energy policy group).
All I'm saying is that we were screwed from the beginning. The White House has been working with the oil companies from the start, and now those oil companies are posting record profits while gasoline prices go through the roof. Bush also promised that access to Iraqi oil reserves following our invasion would help to finance the war, and those predictions have fallen by the wayside along with countless other broken promises and lies made to us by this administration. Meanwhile, Bush is planning on tearing up our wildlife refuges and and relaxing enviromental and health standards set for the oil companies in the interest of producing cheaper oil? Something is very, very wrong here, folks. We shouldn't have to allow companies that are posting record profits to poison our air in order to bring us an affordable product.
I'm all tuckered out from ranting.
Mandy made Mexican casserole last night, and it was very good. Daisy, the wiener dog belonging to Crackbass's ma and pa, is visiting Casa De Wilson, and she is very cute (although, yes, yes, Max and Lucy are cute, too). Down in Spring, Texas, my mom (aka, "The Karebear") is hosting Field Day today for her elementary school class. Hope Kaiser Elementary is getting the great weather that we're experiencing here.


The League said...

It's nice to know we're giving tax breaks to the oil companies and they can afford to give their chariman a $400 million retirement package.

Keep in mind, flight attendants and other employees of airlines are losing their retirement packages altogether as airlines are going routinely bankrupt based on the cost of fuel. This isn't to mention the repeated salary cuts employees have had to agree to in order to have jobs.

I understand compensation for work done, but compensation for leaving? What ever happened to the gold watch and the catered luncheon?

I just want to point out that the 400 million retirement package (which, I mean, look at the guy... if he spent a million a day he might not live to spend it all) is 20% of the $2 billion in tax cuts.

You reading this Admiral? We're on to all you bastards. You'll all be sorry when we're taking our wind-powered scooters to work.

J.S. said...

Then again, if the Admiral gets a $400 million retirement package which he's willing to share with his sons, a lot might be forgiven in this whole, silly little ol' oil debacle..... Who needs clean air or heating fuel, anyway?

CrackBass said...

with $400 million, you could just buy some poor people and burn them for heat, thus solving two problems - poor people are where your taxes go anyway. Poor people just use all the govt's resources having more babies for the welfare.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Crackbass. I think we could get Karl Rove and the Republican Party on board with that idea. Seeing how the administration handled Katrina and New Orleans this idea isn't much of a stretch. In fact, there will probably be less suffering involved by just burning them rather than their current fight for food, shelter, and water.

J.S. said...

Also, I'm pretty sure Republicans eat babies.

Cobra Kai Dojo said...


Anonymous said...

I just want to clarify for the admiral what good friends Steanso and the League (even though he moved before I really got to know him) are to me...Just in case that 400 million trickles down (you guys remember the old Republican Trickle down system)to friends./donna karon

J.S. said...

D.K., you ankle-biter! You'll get nothing and like it!!! (maybe I'll buy your lunch every other time we go out, or something like that)