Monday, April 24, 2006

Well, the weekend flew by entirely too quickly for Steanso's liking, Adventurers. Saturday was the magical, mystical trip to Krause Springs, and sunday Steanso did some housework and took Cassidy to the dog park before the guys showed up for Mono E practice at my house. Practice was pretty darn good. We sounded pretty tight on most of our stuff, and Frank even showed up for practice.
In the ongoing trial of accused terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, the defense team once again was put in a bizarre position, arguing to the jury that Moussaoui should be sentenced to "the long, slow death of a common criminal" rather than the relatively quick death that Moussaoui would receive through the death penalty and a subsequent execution. Death, the defense explained, would only grant martyrdom to Moussaoui, and thus fulfill the deluded fantasies that he has of himself as a holy warrior. The prosecution, for its part, spoke of the fact that Moussaoui rejoiced in the suffering and grisly deaths of the 911 victims (an assertion which Moussaoui reportedly nodded his head to in agreement) and implored the jury to put the defendant to death since "there is no place on earth for [him]".
You know that you're in some deep sh*t as a defense attorney when your best argument is that the jury should give your client life because that's the best way to torment him and crush his dreams.
The crazy thing is, I think there's a bit of the ring of truth to defense counsel's argument. If Moussaoui is executed by the government, I believe that he will become a symbol and a martyr for fanatics within the Muslim extremist movement. He will become a symbol of an enemy so dangerous and powerful that the federal government had no choice but to execute him in order to prevent him from doing further harm. If you let him just linger in a federal maximum security prison, he'll eventually die as an impotent, de-clawed animal that has been crushed by the system. As a martyr he may inspire others (I know that this martyrdom possibility just seems crazy to most Westerners, but I think that the inability to see this man as a potential symbol represents a shortcoming of the Western mind).
What else? Guillermo Gonzales joined Jennifer and Kim and I for lunch today. Guillermo is cool because he used to work as a prosecutor in New York and knows a lot about the city and also because he always knows the exact, perfect moment to throw the word "motherf*%ker" into a conversation for maximum effect.
Gotta jet. Be good or be fast.

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