Monday, April 03, 2006

Well, busy at work, so no time for a decent blog post. I'll quickly recap the weekend.

Friday night I went over to Eddie and Leigh's house for a drink with the Wilsons. It was ok, but their dog, Milo, bit me. Twice. Bad Milo.
Saturday I got up and went to The Natural Gardener with Eddie, Crackbass, and The Pea. I looked for trees, but didn't find the right one. Then I went home and, stopped by Casa de Shaw to visit Meredith, and then returned home again where I laid in the backyard on a big blanket with Cassidy, reading Lonesome Dove and playing guitar and eventually falling asleep (which got me sort of sunburnt). That evening I went to Austin Pizza Garden with the Wilsons, and then returned to their place where Ellie stopped by to join us for some cocktails and board games.
Sunday I got up and worked out and took Cassidy for a walk. I paid my bills and then went to Home Depot and bought a Red Maple which I took home and planted in the backyard after a quick stop for a burrito. After the tree planting I had Mono E practice (which was really good, but short), and then I listened to a Loose Fur CD with Reed and Eric and showed them the MySpace site I'm working on for Mono.
That's it. The time change sucks, but it'll all be for the best.


The League said...

That is why we, in the Grand Canyon State, do not have the time-shift. It's the rest of you who are crazy.

Anonymous said...

Just caught the reaction to my "cross comments". Get over it! I thought you guys were easy.

The car will go to the guy who lives under the overppass of I45 and Cypresswood. He admires it every day.

The Admiral

J.S. said...

Are you sure that man isn't Jeff Wilson?

Anonymous said...

I will not disparage the man who feeds and clothes you - and who may get you to clean the house without Maria's help. But, they could be related.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I was laughing out loud. Nice to see you get some wisecracks back at your two sons.

By the way, Admiral, congrats to your alma mater for winning their first basketball national championship (actually it's the first one for the state of Florida). I just got done watching the game. They absolutely dominated the most decorated college basketball program in NCAA history.

CrackBass said...

And congrats to me for picking Florida to win in my bracket. On the way to the top of my gambling pool, i soundly defeated such sports-know-it-alls as Sigmund Bloom and Reed Shaw.

Go Gators and Go CrackBass!

CrackBass said...

you have a myspace site?
what is it?