Monday, September 19, 2005

Well, the weekend has come and gone and ACL Fest week is upon us.

On Saturday I took Cassidy to Barton Springs for some swimming during the day after doing yard work. Saturday night found large numbers of our Western Trails neighbors gathered across the street from the sex house in protest of their apparently thriving business. Our feisty neighbors, apparently having grown tired of the increasing traffic in our 'hood between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. and having grown sick of the liquor bottles and condom boxes left on our streets, congregated in one of the yards across the street from the sex house and snapped pictures of the customers showing up at the brothel. The neighbors had signs that said things like, "Your business is not welcome here!" Jackbart, Andy F., and Rami showed up over the course of the evening, in part as a show of solidarity, but in larger part to drink beer and laugh at the whole scene. The lady who runs the sex house (we call her a madame, although that may not technically be correct) came out and bitched at us a little, and several of the customers gave us the one finger salute or yelled insults, but overall, I don't know how much of a deterrent effect that we had. The cops showed up, but once again told us that they couldn't do anything because they didn't have probable cause to enter the house. This excuse on the part of the cops pisses me off a little because after 7 years of working as a criminal defense attorney, I've seen the cops launch undercover stings countless times for things as mundane as people selling cigarrettes without collecting the appropriate taxes on them (not to mention the dozens of undercover prostitution stings I've seen them launch in order to arrest johns in the Rundberg area) .

Sunday I went back to Barton Springs, sans Cassidy, so I could swim some laps and get some sun. Sunday night we had Mono E practice and rocked a moderate amount. The practice was especially notable in the fact that we covered at least two Huey Lewis songs during the course of the evening.

Roundball called yesterday, and the missus, Jamie McSteans, is off to Cleveland this week to see a specialist about her migraines. Before the whole process is over, apparently she may have to have some kind of nerve cutting procedure, so let's all send her positive vibes and wish her well. That kid has gone through the medical wringer more times than... well, I don't have a good point of comparison, but she's been through a lot. Good vibes, people.

ACL Fest this week. Steanso will be hosting an afterparty on Saturday night at the Hop-A-Long Lounge, so put on your drinking hats. If you're all good, maybe, just maybe, Crack will put on a brief (very brief) performance.

And dear god do I miss this man:

To briefly summarize, Clinton points out the irresponsibility of continuing to make tax cuts (more than half of which go exclusively to the wealthiest 1% of our nation) while borrowing money from countries like Saudi Arabia and China in order to finance two wars and hurricane disaster relief. We're borrowing money from coutries in which the average citizen makes significantly less money than in the United States, and in so doing, we are weakening the U.S. economy (making our exports worth less and their imports cost more). We're increasing the American deficit, and financing a war by borrowing money from other countries- a policy which has never been employed before in the history of the United States.
Essentially, Clinton gives enough credit to the American public to think that they can accept tax increases if the need for the increases are explained to them (and if, of course, the need for these increases are rational and justifiable- which will raise a whole new set of questions about how badly the American taxpayer feels a need to be in Iraq). At any rate, Bill thinks that continuing to cut taxes for the extremely wealthy while digging the country into ridiculous debt is not responsible, and I would have to say that he's right.
Remember when our biggest national scandals dealt with blow jobs in the Oval Office instead of launching wars that kill tens of thousands of people on the basis of fabricated intelligence? We miss you, Bill!!!

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