Friday, September 02, 2005

This is a short addendum just to explain a change in my comments section. I've had to activate a word verification feature in the comments section because I keep getting spam from commercial sources in the comments section. I erase this spam as quickly as possible, but I can't keep up, so I'm gonna try this for awhile in order to block the spam programs before they clog the blog. I'm sorry if it's an inconvenience (but it's the spammers fault!). I think that the comments section is probably the best thing about The Adventures, so please continue to post comments, people!!!!


Anonymous said...

shit. with this new verification element to the comments section, i will probably just stop commenting here. is that your intent?

J.S. said...

Crackbass, even with your pathetic attempts to post anonymously, your smartassedishness gives you away. Your comments will be sorely missed. By no one.

The League said...

That's great Steanso.

But have you considered getting a mortgage at a low, low rate? You can be a homeowner!

Our rates are as low as 5.3%! Why wait? Become a homeowner today!

Anonymous said...

i think you have assumed this anonymous comment is from me, or i'm just paranoid..yeah, that's it...but it's not from me. i will gladly continue put initials by my smartass comments. :)

CrackBass said...

I think Steanso has attributed a comment to me that was posted anonymously. However, it appears that you think that I am attributing it to you. Perhaps Steanso should have attribute it to you. This is actually my first post under the new Republican Big Brother Regime that Steanso has started.

Anonymous said...

ooops...i just saw your name and thought you were giving me usual. my apologies.

it's we'll have to give a bodily fluid sample of choice to be able to comment.


J.S. said...

I've been requiring samples of your bodily fluids in order to allow you to post all along. Rami and Crackbass already have extensive sample collections stored in my fridge.