Thursday, September 08, 2005

Steanso spent most of his day in court today, including a lunchtime ethics seminar which was put on by some of the older attorneys who practice up at the courthouse.

There really just isn't a whole lot to report today. Weedo stopped by yesterday afternoon and we listened to Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips and talked about the slow evolution of The Mono E and our lack of gigs. I think we came to the conclusion that The Mono E desperately needs a manager. We're a pretty good band, but we're also just 5 guys who like music. None of us are really into promoting stuff, especially when the thing that we're promoting is primarily us. Anyway, we need to start playing some more gigs (not constantly, but enough that we can show off some new stuff every month or two).

The news is chock full of Hurricane Katrina stories and the politics thereof. I just don't feel like I have too much to add to all of the shouting that's going on out there. I definitely feel like the disaster response should have been more efficient, and I find it amazing that the people at all levels of government were caught off guard by this attack (like I said before, if a couple of couch potatoes like Sigmund and myself were well aware of the pending disaster, then it seems like the government should have been ready). I think that the White House and FEMA acted far too slowly, but I also think that Louisiana politicians failed their constituents at the local level. People at all level of Louisiana and New Orleans city politics should have been making the reinforcement of the New Orleans infrastructure (to prevent hurricane damage and flood control) their top priority for the last decade, at least. The federal government slashed infrastructure funding (and therefore deserves much blame in its own right), but local politicians should have been standing on soap boxes, screaming for federal attention this entire time- telling the federal government that this disaster is definitely coming, and that only the intervention of the federal government could possibly prevent it. Maybe there was more of this clamoring for federal help going on than I realized, but it doesn't seem like the issue was very high up the priority list for state or (more amazingly) city government, despite the fact that all of the experts (and even the New Orleans newspaper) had long predicted that disaster was imminent. And we all know that our current federal government wasn't going to spend money on sh*t unless it was clear that the responsibility would land at their doorstep in the event that disaster occurred. The locals should have done more to shame the feds into doing what was necessary. That's all I'm saying.

And let me go ahead and say this now so that it doesn't somehow catch the government napping later- there's a really good chance that a really big earthquake will hit in California in the next decade or so. The U.S. Geological Survey says that there is a 67% chance that an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 or above will hit in the Bay Area in the next 30 years, and that there is a 60% chance that a quake of 6.7 magnitude or greater will hit in L.A. I don't know about you guys, but when the weather report says that there's a 60% chance for rain, I bring an umbrella.

And when the earthquake happens, there won't be time for ANYONE to evacuate. If people thought that New Orleans was devastating, imagine a large earthquake hitting L.A. without time for anyone to evacuate. If that disaster plays out, it's really gonna be hell on earth. Just wanted to give George and the kids at the White House a head's up on that. FEMA, I'm looking in your direction (wink, wink).

Well, that's all I got, and it ain't much. If you wanna be a manager for The Mono Ensemble (and who doesn't?), you can post a 2 to 3 sentence resume in the comments section. We'll be happy to share all of the money, fame, and groupies that this band has afforded us with our loyal manager.


The League said...

Wait wait wait... aren't you mostly unemployed right now? Why can't you spend some time trying to get the Mono E some gigs? I want a two to three paragraph answer on how you can say you like music and believe in your band, but you can't make a few phone calls and burn a couple of demo CDs.

I agree that you guys need someone doing the tasks you described, but I don't buy the whole "we're just helpless musicians, man" bit. Get off your rock star ass and call some bars.

If 18 year olds at UT can get gigs, so can you guys.

J.S. said...

This is coming from a guy who has written untold numbers of short stories and scripts over the years (which, I sadly have to admit, are not half bad) and who has drawn hundreds, if not thousands, of illustrations and character sketches that are better than half of the stuff published in the comics industry, and yet most, if not all of this work is gathering dust in the Fortress of Solitude, Phoenix Branch.

The League said...

yeah, but I've also never asked anybody else to shoulder the responsibility of getting me a "gig". That's the whole point.

If I was interested in getting published, I imagine I would submit materials somewhere.

I'm asking why, if you really want a gig, you don't pick up the phone instead of trying to put the thankless part of the job on someone else.

Do you think the Crue got where they are today by asking other people to promote? Hells, no! Vince, Tommy and the boys were out printing their own flyers and plastering them up and down Sunset.

You want to rock like the Crue? You got to walk like the Crue.

J.S. said...

It's so true. The sad part is that I just don't have the people skills of Tommy Lee. Anyway, you can't call club managers. You have to go track those little cockroaches down in person. And bars scare me.

The League said...

it sounds to me like a good excuse for you and Crackbass to go out on a Wednesday night and hit the bars early.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't think an "out of work attorney" is such a bad thing.
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