Monday, September 12, 2005

And last for today, but certainly not least, comes Cassidy, the magical pup. Cassidy firmly believes that having your picture taken will steal your soul, so I have to kind of sneak up on her when I want to take her picture. I get a lot of people's souls that way. Posted by Picasa


lee said...


This digital camera thing has got to stop.

You know that feeling you get whenever you see, for the first time, a radio disc jockey? You have this picture in your mind as to what the person will look like based upon hearing only their voice. Inevitably, upon seeing the DJ, the reality differs markedly and usually, in disappointing fashion, from the looks imagined. As I later learned in college, the difference is likely due as much to the fact that "the beautiful people" generally go into television as anything else, but still, it is disconcerting to have such a firm picture in one's head, and then be completely surprised. You always end up muttering to yourself, "Damn. That guy/gal looks completely different than what I imagined." I call it the "DJ Effect".

The "DJ Effect" I speak of is not rooted in any science I'm aware is nonetheless a fact of which the Adventures of Steanso should be wary. I fear too many pictures posted on the blog will ruin the inherent mystery of the Adventures of Steanso.

Trust me folks, Steanso himself is no burlesque model, but perhaps The Adventures of Steanso is something of a burlesque model. She shows enough skin to keep your attention and to peak your interest, but never enough to answer all the questions. Whether it's strippers or blogs, the questions are the interesting part. Except for Cassidy, who is obviously inherently mysterious, I vote for killing the camera, Steanso, before it's too late...

J.S. said...

An interesting and well-taken point, my brother. I'm not sure I'm going to do away with photographs entirely on The Adventures, but I will try to limit their use and keep what you've said in mind.