Monday, September 26, 2005

By the way, I want to thank Nhut Tan "Newt" Tran for sending me this link. This is some seriously crazy sheeyat.,,1577753,00.html

It is important to note that in no way do I intend to vouch for the veracity of this story, but apparently the Observer is reporting that the U.S. military may have lost some dolphins during Hurricane Katrina who were trained to attack people, allegedly by way of poison darts affixed to harnesses on their heads and other means. Leave it to the military to turn friendly dolphins into the ninja assassins of the sea. Anyway, the story largely rests on a report made by 72 year old accident investigator Leo Sheridan in which he divulged information which he had gained from the U.S. marine fisheries service. The Navy launched the classified Cetacean Intelligence Mission in San Diego in 1989, and is rumored to have had dolphin training facilities near Lake Ponchatrain along the Louisiana coast. The rumors regarding the missing dolphins were spread last week when the Navy insisted on inspecting several dolphins which were recovered from the ocean last week after being washed out to sea from a commercial oceanarium on the Mississippi coast. The Navy handed the dolphins back over to the oceanarium after inspection, apparently satisfied that these were not the animals they had been looking for.

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