Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Also, I just wanted to say that I've been watching some of the Roberts confirmation hearings, and I hate to say it, but so far he sounds like a pretty reasonable guy. I know that Crackbass feels that Roberts will tear off his mask and reveal a demonic countenance of true hate and loathing once he is confirmed as justice, but I'm not so sure. Roberts seems to be a big fan of Chief Justice Rehnquist (whom he clerked for), and although Rehnquist was generally considered to be a conservative, he was a fairly moderate justice who seemed to try to follow precedent and the rule of law rather than adhering to party lines. Roberts has claimed to be against judicial activism and a firm believer in stare decisis, so hopefully he'll leave Roe and Miranda alone, and he claims to be a strong believer in the separation of powers, so hopefully he won't let the president or congress push him around once he's on the bench. In statements this morning, he also swore that he was a big believer in The Bill of Rights, even in times of war. That's gonna be important because this "War on Terror" could last for the rest of our lifetime, and I don't really feel like hearing every Nazi who comes along claiming that they need to suspend my civil rights because the U.S. is in a state of war.
In the end, I think he's either about as good a candidate as we could have hoped for given the current administration, or else he's an absolute evil genius who's done an incredible job of ingratiating himself with the public and the media. Either way, I revert back to the argument that I've made earlier about Roberts being better than a lot of the other potential Bush nominees. And if he does turn out to be an evil genius, at least he'll be a genius, and that's more than I can say for what the White House has had to offer over the last five years.


JMD said...

Rehnquist left Miranda alone. Actually, that's not true. He reaffirmed it.

The League said...

Rehnquist is my new hero because he was, like, 80, and not afraid to be seen in those little nylon runners pants.

That is a man who knows he cannot be touched.

Oh, also his lengthy career of legal.... snore....

Runner's shorts!

CrackBass said...

Sh!t. well i guess you suckers are fooled. Yeah, he was just toting the party line wehn he said there was no need for equal rights for women under the Reagan administration. No, he wont be stripping your civil rights away as soon as he is appointed to a lifelong office. No, he had no reason to make sure all of his memorandum were destroyed, that was just regular course of business. no, it's not odd that he has really never spoken out about any "hot" topics.

Damn, he seems fine to me. Sign me up. Take me away.