Thursday, September 29, 2005

So what's going on today? Hmmmm.... Well, Roberts was confirmed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

That's really not all that exciting, though, nor is it unexpected.

I really have got nothing today. Hmmmm....
Crackbass and I watched most of a Bruce Campbell movie last night called The Man with the Screaming Brain. It was really awful.
Mandy's sister, Kellie, came by to go shopping with Mandy. Kellie is a fascinating kid. She works at Anne Kelso salon as a... hair stylist? I'm not sure of the title, but I don't want to get it wrong. I heard that Kellie took a swing at some guy at a party once who told her that people who worked with hair were in no way artists. And Kellie is an artist. She's definitely got the temperment, and her own ever-changing hair is proof enough in its own right of her boundless creativity (not to mention the work she does for her customers). Anyway, Kellie knows lots of people in Austin, and she pops up in the strangest places (like backstage at Los Lobos concerts). She has an old Cadillac, several tattoos, and an unshakeable affection for rockabilly music. She's dated musicians, race car mechanics, and other people I can't keep track of, and she moves through the Austin music and nightlife scene like some kind of nimble but unstoppable party ninja. Anyway, she's a true Austin character, kids, and to know her is to love her. On this day when the news is slow, I say here's to Kellie Gonzales! Long may she rock!

Oh, by the way, if I haven't said so before, Crack's next gig at Ruta Maya on Congress has been pushed back until December 2nd. I know that's a long time to remember stuff, so I'll remind you later, but I had told some people we were playing in late October/early November and that ain't happening now. We'll be playing with F for Fake and Buttercup, so there'll be other, good bands to see if Crack is not enough to entice you (you thankless bastards). We need the time to practice, anyway.

Peace out.

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