Friday, September 16, 2005

Well, George W. made a speech to the nation last night which was intended to allay the nation's fears regarding the Hurricane Katrina rebuilding effort and the incredible costs which are going to be associated with it.

George was quick to state that taxes would not be raised in order to pay for the rebuilding effort, stating that the $200 billion or so in rebuilding costs would need to be covered by cuts in federal spending in other areas.
$200 billion worth of cuts in federal services? Unless Bush is ready to bring the war to a rapid close (which we all know is a laughable possibility), I don't really know where he thinks these cuts are going to come from. The possibility that Bush was more concerned with appeasing people's fears about tax cuts than helping the evacuees is kind of inappropriate at the moment.

The speech was too little too late, and it sounds like Bush is just planning to try to borrow our way out of this crisis, digging the nation into even deeper debt instead of actually confronting the issues that we're currently faced with (the old Regan era trick of just writing hot checks on behalf of the federal government is a tried and true Republican favorite- pass the debt on to future taxpayers and avoid the pain of making current taxpayers unhappy by raising taxes in the present).
And Republican strategists and commentators are already on CNN and Fox News bitching about the fact that the president is vowing to spend the money necessary to rebuild New Orleans. I find their whining to be pretty incredible given the amount of money that we're spending on the Iraq War. We can't spend money to help Americans rebuild their homes, and yet we continue to funnel money into a quagmire in Iraq which was not only a mistake in the first place, but which doesn't even seem to have any kind of potentially positive outcome in the foreseeable future?

Iraq just gets worse and worse, with the insurgents mounting increasing numbers of attacks (even in and around Baghdad), but for the past week or two, the rapidly increasing death toll has been eclipsed by the Hurricane Katrina story.
Jeez, I hate this administration.

In other news, last night I attended the Western Trails Neighborhood Association with the Wilsons. The neighbors are really fired up about the sex house/brothel down the street, and it sounds like some of them are planning to protest some big party that's supposed to happen at the sex house this weekend (apparently the sex house's web page says that there's a masquerade ball this weekend). Anyway, if anyone wants to come sit in the Wilson's front yard and drink a beer and stare at the johns on Saturday night, just come on by. It's the new neighborhood pastime.


Chris Alexander said...

"I hate George Bush and cancer"

-Frank Zappa or was it Moon Unit? oh well...

good will

weedo said...

I don't know. You tell me. You seem to be up on the activities of all of Zappa's children. Why don't you try google and get back to us? I like Zappa and his music, but I don't claim to be an expert on Zappa, and I certainly don't know much about his children.

good will