Thursday, September 15, 2005

I just wrote an angry post about how the people who didn't like my statements about the tomfoolery in Round Rock, and how they were an angry, foolish bunch of people who's self-worth was dependent upon the fictitious belief that they were somehow inherently superior to another group of people. All that stuff is still true, but after playing with Cassidy for awhile, I decided that the post was too angry and I erased it.
I just hate it when people try to bring me down to their own level by calling me self-righteous or by saying, "C'mon, we're all white, wealthy, southern heterosexuals here. We all know that it's okay to make fun of the blacks and the queers every once in awhile, right?."
I don't want it and I don't need it.
I'm a middle class six foot six white guy who was raised in the church and who's lived in Texas for the vast majority of his life. Statistically for the area where I live, I'm about as in the majority as you can get. Still, that's never made me right in a single argument, nor do I think it entitles me to feel a single bit more important or worthwhile than anyone else. Fortunately, I was raised that to believe otherwise is ignorance. Still, I'm open to hear counterarguments. As long as you're not a chickensh*t who posts anonymous comments. Jeez, I hate that.


Anonymous said...

Amen Jas.

As I've gotten older, this quote seems truer each and every day.

"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity."

- Frank Zappa

Unfortunately this quote has been and will continue to be proven true.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know Lena?

From this week’s Chronicle:

BUTTERCUP AT HYDE Park Theatre: Lena, I had a brain tingle while we talked! Want to talk some more? Steve. 6738

CrackBass said...

what part of six foot six makes you in the majority?

Chris Alexander said...

Frank Zappa also said don't eat yellow snow, so that proves how advanced a thinker the late great Mr. Zappa was...oh well, I guess whenever I need to satisfy a Zappa craving, I can now watch that great show on Food TV starring Dweezil and his oh-so-not- annoying-in-the-slightest girlfriend Lisa Loeb.

good will

weedo said...

Well, I don't know if I would have used that example, but if that's what makes you think he's an advanced thinker so be it.

I personally think it's the 77 albums he composed (engineering and producing on most of them). Writing rock, jazz, fusion, avante garde, and classical music. Not to mention his influence on the musical community in general (you would be surprised at the number of musicians who played with Zappa, and/or who considered Zappa to be a genius).

Sure he may not have sold as many albums as Brittany Spears, but album sales don't correspond to musical ability.

By the way, Zappa is not my favorite musician (although you may think that based on this comment).

Whenever I get a craving for Zappa, I listen to one of his albums. But that's just me (call me crazy).

Thanks for the info on Dweezil. I was unaware of his Food TV show (not that I'm going to watch it). I thought he was just living off of his father's estate, and re-producing his father's albums. Not a big fan of Lisa Loeb either (I guess we agree on that).

good will

J.S. said...

I thought that I already posted a response to the looking for Lena comment, but it's not here. Anyway, I've noticed myself that Buttercup seems to draw some attractive young ladies into its audience. When I try to speak with them, they mostly: 1) poke me in the belly, 2) giggle, and then 3) run away.