Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pictures or no pictures?

Well, Steanso's photo experiment has met with mixed reviews. Larry Lee Thweatt, longtime hermano of Steanso, believes that the pictures take away from the overall mystery and message of The Adventures (see the comments section attached to Cassidy's picture). I understand what he's saying. Steanso has also had experiences with what L.T. calls "the D.J. effect" in which you get used to imagining a voice, a writer, or a singer in a particular way, and then you finally see a picture of them and it blows the whole thing to pieces. The mystique of the disembodied voice lets our imagination fill in the blanks in whatever way we deem appropriate. I like that effect, and it's part of the reason I'm so down on all of these reality shows on MTV that follow performers around and tell you every detail about their lives. I remember the days when I would just stare at vinyl record albums and try to imagine what kind of crazy people could have possibly recorded the sounds on the record.
On the other hand, Steanso has a tremendous love of photography and the feelings and moods that it evokes. I'm definitely not saying that my own photographs always manage to pull this off, but my favorite photographs are ones that carry more information about the subject than just a reproduction of a surface image. I like pictures let you know something about the person in them, rather than just blandly showing you the person's face. The pictures which I posted were all taken on prior occasions with a regular old 35 mm camera and were scanned into the computer (meaning they weren't just digital camera snapshots that were taken just to be thrown up on the blog).
Anyway, I definitely wasn't planning on making the photos a daily part of The Adventures (mostly because that would mean more work for me), but I was thinking that I might include some of my favorite shots from time to time, mostly because personally, I like photographs.

I'm definitely going to avoid posting pictures of myself (I clearly need to keep some mystique going in that department), but maybe I'll leave it an open question for other readers and see what kind of reaction I get to the picture question. So post your comments people. Pictures or no pictures? What do you think?


The League said...

Keep the pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Make The Adventures a visual medium. You're not becoming a photoblog, you're giving yourself the ability to reach a wider audience.

You can still remain The Wizard of Oz behind the words, but, dammit, everyone should be able to delight in Cassidy's little shovel nose.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be nice on occasion but not every single day. You could use a photo to illustrate a story or when talking about places you visit, favorite places (i.e. the New Orleans pic you posted). That's my vote.

Wow, I need to find a hobby...or more work to do.


J.S. said...

Thanks for the comments, Roundball and Rami!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the League and Rami. Keep the pics, but don't get too crazy with them. You've taken some pretty cool pictures over the last several years so it's nice to see them posted.

lee said...

Let me say this for the record before the League's panties get all in a wad about photos of Cassidy. Cassidy I'm cool with. She's a great dog, and man's best friend has known no greater friend than yours truly. Exhibit A: the only dog I've ever owned, Ring. Even I can admit that it is tough to imagine a meaner or uglier dog than Ring, and I owned her during my formative years. Everybody except me hated that dog. True, she was happy to return the hatred tenfold but hell, even when she turned sour on me and started biting me on a regular basis, I still took care of her. Let no man, not even The League, say or infer I've got something against dogs. If he does, he'd better have the stones to back it up and be ready for a whuppin. Also, it seems apparent that the DJ Effect is inapplicable when it comes to dogs...mostly because they don't type or speak, I presume.

Anonymous said...

keep the pictures..just nothing in color
b&w makes everything look better


The League said...

Ring was a survivor. You've got to hand the dog that. I just remember Ring as a furry blur zipping through the back yard.

Nobody is saying you don't love dogs. I just defend Steanso's right to post photos.