Thursday, September 29, 2005

For those of you who don't know Mandy "The Pea" Wilson, sister of Kellie Gonzales, here she is pictured at Jazzfest, once again trying to make sense of some incomprehensible babbling put forth by her husband, Crackbass. Mandy does lots of super kickass stuff to take care of all of us, like remembering to bring snacks to the beach and making pancakes for us and making sure Crackbass doesn't fall asleep in the bathtub and drown his drunk ass. Mandy is a caretaker and nurturer of all things smaller, weaker, or stupider (and that's usually where we come in) than herself. Also, she loves Bob Marley, Coors Light, and barbecue. And sometimes Jason's Deli. Posted by Picasa

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