Friday, September 02, 2005

The federal government's response to the New Orleans tradgedy has been largely in keeping with the methods that the current administration has used to address the Iraq War, homeland security, the economy, rising gas prices, and any other large problems that the nation has run up against in the last 8 years- put mouthpieces with in front of the camera with pre-rehearsed talking points and spin the issue in a way that will mitigate the obvious fact that the federal government has been ineffective in handling the crisis.

This time, however, the mismanagement of the hurricane aftermath (and the failure to prepare for this long-predicted disaster ahead of time) is so obvious, widespread, and profound that even the White House's formidable P.R. machine is going to have a hard time obscuring the government's ineptitude. The amazing thing is that, nonetheless, they continue to try to spin the situation, literally telling people who are trapped without fresh water and who are strnaded beside the corpses of their neighbors that things are not all that bad. I swear to god that even Orwell would be amazed.

In a non-Katrina related bit of trivia (which we all need right now), Steanso got a notice in the email yesterday that his ACL tickets are still on the way! This fills Steanso with no small amount of happiness and relief.

Labor Day plans for Steanso are slim (in large part because Steanso is desperately trying to avoid spending much money). A tubing trip may be in the works for Sunday, once again involving Team Bloom.

I had mimosas and beers with Crackbass and Joe Turner's office staff up on the deck atop their office this afternoon before leaving for the weekend. It was a pleasant experience with a nice view. They seemed like nice folks.

Well, that's it for now. Have a nice Labor Day weekend, ya'll.

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