Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Howdy. Hope everyone is doing okay.
Not too much to report from the home front. Last night I went for dinner at Madam Mam's with Teams Steans and Nicole (who lived with Teams Steans as a housemate last winter). Anyway, good food plus good company = good dinner.

Other news... apparently Phish is reuniting. I've listened to their CDs (including CDs of their live concerts) a lot, but I've never seen them live. I look forward to having the opportunity to go to one of their shows and hearing them play.

Also, the Vice Presidential debates are tomorrow. I think that expectations are so low for Palin right now (especially following that Katie Couric interview) that she can't help but do better than everyone expects. Already I'm predicting a victory for her if she manages to string two or three halfway coherent sentences together (which sucks for Biden, because people will be expecting him to be much more knowledgeable than Palin, but at the same time, he'll run the risk of seeming like a bully if he goes on offense and criticizes Palin for her responses). You Adventurers shouldn't be worrying yourselves with thoughts of the Vice Presidential debate, anyway. On Thursday night you should be focusing on getting yourselves over to Somnio's to watch the Mono Ensemble play from 7:30 to 9:30. You can DVR the debate and just fast forward through the boring parts.

What else...? Not much. Like many of you, I suspect, I'm getting sort of tired of presidential politics. I really do just want somebody- anybody- to step up and start working vigorously to fix the economy, improve our healthcare system, and get us out of Iraq (preferably not destroying that country in the process). Personally, I think Obama seems to have better ideas for addressing the needs of the country, but at this point I'll be happy to see anyone other than the misfits in our current administration working to fix our nation's problems.

So I'm going to shut up.
I hope you guys are having a good day. It's the first day of October, so I plan to start screening some scary movies pretty soon. I'd love to hear suggestions, or to have some friends watch scary movies with me, so you guys let me know!!


The League said...

I saw two of my Halloween favorites already this summer at the Paramount. (Frankenstein and The Haunting)

I have a copy of "The Thing" I haven't watched yet. But some say its best to watch during an ice-storm...

I also have both "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark" and "Elivra's Haunted Hills" ready for your DVR.

We can also watch:

The Mummy (not scary, though...)
Creature from the Black Lagoon

without hitting the video store.

Also potential flicks:

An American Werewolf in London
Children of the Corn
Near Dark
(trying to think of classic monster and ghost movies I think Jason will tolerate)

J.S. said...

Still want to finish watching The Transmission (stupid, crappy Blockbuster disks). And isn't there some kind of scary movie coming to theaters in October? There has to be...
Maybe an October viewing of Rocky Horror might be in order, as well (at the Alamo).

Meredith said...

If I were there, I'd be watching Mono in person....alas, NC is a long way from Austin. And I will still DVR the VP debate....think Palin is ready for Biden. Biden may not be ready for her. LOL.....

Also, would watch with you and Team Steans "The Shining" of the all time most creepy movies. David and I are big fans and forget how awesome that movie is every time we see it....

J.S. said...

Last year some friends and I got together to watch The Shining on my friend's new big ass, hi def widescreen TV. My friend, Jennifer, had never seen it before, and she spent most of the movie peeking out from under a blanket and making squeaking noises. The Shining is one of my favorite scary movies, too.

Anonymous said...

wow i can't believe you outed me -- what a wuss i am when it comes to scary movies! but that one was well worth the horror. good luck at your gig tonight -- can't wait to see y'all this saturday!
killer kraber