Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not much going on. Jamie is back from visiting her brother in San Francisco, and it's good to have her back. We all missed her (most definitely including the dogs).

Last night we went to Jason's Deli for dinner and listened to tales of Ryan's new job at UT. He's doing some kind of job with the library system, converting all of their letters and words into ones and zeros (or something like that). At any rate, he's back to working for the university, and he seems to like it so far. So congrats to Roundball on the new job.

Not too much else to report. Now that I've already voted, I wish everyone would just early vote and we could get the whole thing over with. Who are these undecided voters at this point? They either: 1) have to have been living in a coma for the last year, 2) they're being coy and like the attention they get by pretending they haven't made up their minds, or 3) they're just willfully uninformed and kind of stupid. As they pointed out on the Daily Show the other day, most of them probably fall into that last category- just kind of uninformed and sort of stupid. But they're going to vote anyway, at the last minute, after having pretty much failed at every possible opportunity to learn anything about the candidates or their positions on any of the issues. These are the people who fill in those last little blank spots and help to decide elections in this country. We fight wars so people like this can vote. Yeah, democracy!

And I just don't have much else. I've been going through the steps of getting my XBox 360 fixed. I haven't gotten my machine back yet, but supposedly it's being shipped back to me now after having been repaired (the hard drive on the thing crashed). The whole repair procedure has been relatively pain free (big ol' knock on wood), but as part of it, in order to get free shipping, I had to take my XBox over to the UPS store to have it shipped back to Microsoft. When I walked into the UPS store with the XBox, the clerk behind the counter started laughing.

"Another XBox, huh?"

"You get a lot of these, I guess?"

"Day in, day out I ship these XBoxes back."


"Oh yeah- some of my customers are on their 3rd or 4th one. I ship a few of these every day."

Great. I'm glad they're pretty helpful with their repairs and customer service, but it sounds like they have it down to a fine art because they make such a crappy product (practice makes perfect, after all). I've had two Sony Playstations before and never had a problem with either one of them. Anyway, I still have games I haven't finished on my XBox, so I want it fixed, but I don't think I'll be opting for Microsoft XBox products in the future.

Ooookay. Not much else to add, so I'll shut up. The weather is beautiful here in Austin this week, so everyone find an opportunity to enjoy some of it!


Meredith said...

Okay so for someone who has experience in Playstation and xBox....would you recommend Wii? What do you know about it? Would it be an appropriate first 'video game' for our boys, keeping in mind they are almost 6, 4 and 2. The older 2 would play more, obviously....just wondering what you think...

J.S. said...

I don't have a Wii, but Ryan has one, and it's really fun. I DO think it's probably a better system for kids. It has lots of games geared toward kids, and it lets them be a little more active while they're playing. You should ask Ryan for more details about the Wii, though.

The League said...

Well, kids tend to figure any technology out that you throw in front of them, so it probably doesn't matter a whole lot. What I would say is that Wii hasn't courted the same sort of gamers as PS3 and X-Box, so the games tend to automatically be family friendly. With PS3 and X-Box, you're going to really want to get familiar with game ratings.

Wii DOES tend to encourage the user to move around. It's not as much of a button masher as X-Box. I'd also say that my own mom figures the Wii games out pretty quickly, so I once the system is in place, all 5 of you guys could be playing together, depending on the game.