Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lastovica

My friend and colleague, John Lastovica, celebrates his birthday tomorrow, October 5th. He came out to celebrate his birthday weekend with the Mono Ensemble at the grand opening party for Somnio's restaurant, so that was pretty cool! Here he is chatting it up with Jennifer at the grand opening party.

My parents were in town, checking on the new house that they're building. In this picture, that's John on the left, Kim, sigmund, Jennifer, and my mom, the Karebear!

And here's a picture of my dad, The Admiral, taking a picture of whoever was taking this picture (it wasn't me), and there's me with the bass, and Reed. I'm not exactly sure who the two guys in the back are.

Anyway, we played pretty well (things went better than on Thursday night in my opinion, all in all), the weather was nice, and it was really great to have some of our friends stop by (thanks to Mandy, Ellie, Sue Ann, and everyone else who came out to see us!!). I had a really nice time and enjoyed the whole thing thoroughly.

Happy birthday, John!!!


The League said...

Sorry we did not show. If you were going to score 38 points against Colorado, things might have been different. I know Reed understands.

J.S. said...

Well, since you guys put in your time on Thursday night, I'll let you off the hook. (and since we only scored 27 points against Colorado)

Anonymous said...

thanks to everyone who came out. it was great seeing everyone and we had a lot of fun.

the two guys in the back are Mono's very own Jim Gillespie and my dad, Ron Shaw.


yolanda said...

Need to get in touch with John lastovica.. my email address is, cell is 2014864472 can someone getthis message to him.. havent seen him in years. we went to school together, also craig brown is looking for him too. they were roomies in college..