Monday, October 13, 2008


UT leaps up to number 1!!!! I really haven't been paying very close attention to UT football up until now (and it sounds like they really haven't been challenged all that much), but since Ryan and Jamie sort of are big UT fans, and since they're without a living room at the moment (having their floors redone and their walls painted), I had them over to watch the UT/OU game on Saturday. In addition, Mom and Dad were in town, doing stuff related to the house that they're building, and they arrived in time to watch the second half of the game with us. It was a really good game, and I'm happy to tell you (in case you've been camped out under a rock) that 5th ranked UT beat #1 ranked OU, thereby paving the way for UT to move up to number one in both the AP poll and the coach's poll over the weekend.

Like I said, I haven't been watching UT much this year, but I really was impressed. Colt McCoy (at least in this game) is showing a lot more composure and poise as a quarterback this year, and UT's offensive line did a good job in giving him time to work. Not to jinx them, but the whole team looked pretty good, actually, and they really seemed more focused and showed a bit more confidence than they did in some big games last season.

Anyway, it a fun game to watch, and, of course, it's nice to be number one. Now we'll see whether this was an anomaly or whether UT can maintain this level of play consistently when they match up against Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech over the next few weeks. As easy as things were for Texas leading up to the OU game- things are going to be a whole lot rougher for a good while. It's almost enough to suck me back into watching every weekend. Almost.

Saturday night we went out to the Salt Lick to celebrate Lauren's birthday along with Steven, Matt, Nicole, Ryan, Jamie, and a bunch of other friends of Ryan and Jamie's who are also friends of mine. As usual, the Salt Lick was very good and I ate way too much. There was a band of long-haired, 50-something classic rockers called Somebody Somebody (not the real name) and the Wild Cards who were belting out classic rock tunes in the outdoor eating/waiting area with an intensity which was entirely unbefitting of the enviroment. They provided a sort of terrifying glimpse into at least one of my possible futures.

Sunday morning I got up and had breakfast with Ryan and Jamie at Maria's Taco Express. It was tasty. After breakfast they swung by the house and picked up Mel and Lucy (the painting at their house having come to its proper conclusion), thereby ending their week long stay at the Hop-a-Long Lounge.

The rest of the day I read some more of the Watchmen, struggled with people on the X-Box web site while trying to get Microsoft to repair my X-Box, and watched a couple of movies, including In the Heat of the Night (I had been reading about Sidney Portier recently and had never seen this movie, which was very good) and In the Mouth of Madness, a John Carpenter horror movie from 1995 about an author who writes books that drive his readers mad (I had seen this before, but not for a long time- it's a pretty good horror movie).

Other from that, not much to report. I watched a bit of the weekend news shows on CNN and FOX, but I couldn't take much. I wish this stupid election was over already. It doesn't seem like either candidate really has anything new to say about the economy or any issues of substance, so now this thing is degenerating into character attacks and mudslinging that will probably last up until the election as McCain's camp desperately tries to chip away at Obama's lead in the polls. I'm not sure that this strategy will be ineffective, but I sure hope that the voters don't go for that kind of thing. I also have a bad feeling about this last debate. McCain's supporters have gotten so rabid and nasty that I'm afraid McCain will feel no choice but to lower himself to personal attacks during the debates. Uggh. Like I said- get it over already.

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