Friday, October 24, 2008

I just read about this crazy lady in Pittsburgh who apparently gave herself a black eye and cut a letter "B" into her face, all so she could call up the police and give them a false story about having been attacked by an Obama supporter who got angry about her McCain bumper sticker. Well, apparently the lady's story had a lot of inconsistencies and she failed a polygraph test before eventually admitting that she made the whole story up. I guess she's just Just another hard core right winger who's freaking out at the thought that Obama is leading in the polls.
The real kicker, though, is that this lady is up in Pittsburgh staying with a friend, but she's not really from there.
Where does she hail from, you might ask?
(Long, depressed sigh)
College Station, Texas.

Texas makes the best crazies.

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The League said...

Why is it that when people decide to go so far as self-mutilation, they don't think about concocting and rehearsing an air-tight story with as few details to screw up as possible?

That was what got Morton Downey Jr. Not to mention that he carved the swastika backward into his forehead (because he used a mirror)