Monday, October 20, 2008

Pretty good weekend, but fairly laid back. I played a lot of guitar, ate Mexican food three times (Friday nght with Ryan, Julia, Pat and pals at Polvo's, Saturday afternoon at Maudie's, and Sunday morning with Ryan at Casa Garcia), hung out with Mandy and Rami at Mandy's garage sale, and I saw a couple of good movies.
Appaloosa, starring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Renee Zellwegger, Lance Henriksen, and Jeremy Irons is pretty much just a good ol' fashioned western, but a well executed one. It's a gunslinger buddy movie without a whole lot of surprises in terms of plot, but the dialogue is well written, the acting is solid, and the movie is well directed. I definitely thought it was a movie worth seeing, and I would recommend it to just about anyone without much hesitation.

I also rented Mongol, which came out last year, but only showed at the Arbor (and I never made it up there). Mongol is a foreign language film, made by Russian director Sergei Bodrov, and it recounts the early life of Genghis Khan (this film was meant, at least intially, to be the first in a trilogy about Genghis Khan's life). The film definitely veers into the myth-like legend of Genghis Khan a little too often to just be considered a strictly factual biopic, but it's a pretty cool movie, with an interesting story, beautiful scenery, and good acting. It's definitely got some bloody fight scenes, but the movie really is about the story of Genghis Khan's life and isn't just an action flick. Anyway, I would say Mongol is worth checking out, as well, although it probably wouldn't be as widely accepted by American audiences as Appaloosa.
And today is the first day of early voting! (at least in Austin) Get out there and vote people! I prefer the early voting because you can vote at any of the early voting polling locations (I always vote at the courthouse because it's convenient to my work), as opposed to on election day when you have to vote at the specific polling location near your house. Also, my experience with early voting has typically been that the lines are much shorter, allowing you to get in and out much quicker than on actual election day. So go vote. Believe it or not, I'm supporting the idea that everyone get out and vote, regardless of political affiliation or party. Of course, the Democrats have seemed to have a harder time getting out the vote in the last few elections, so I'm really encouraging Democrats to get off their lazy butts and go vote. There's part of me that's sort of worried that Obama's recent lead in the polls will make Democrats lazy and complacent, and then we won't get enough of them out to vote. We don't want to become a victim of our own success, people.
And I guess its already old news, but Obama picked up a presidential endorsement from Colin Powell on Sunday. That's gotta be a good thing. Hopefully Powell's vote of confidence will help allay people's fears regarding Obama's inexperience, particularly in areas of foreign policy and military leadership. Hopefully Obama will have the opportunity to continue to work with Powell in an advisory capacity if he wins the election.
I watched enough of the UT-Missouri game to assure myself that UT had things well in hand (about half of it), and I also watched the Palin clips from this week's Saturday Night Live (had to watch this on the interwebs because crappy ol' Time Warner is still fighting with NBC, so we don't have it on our cable). Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live, and she was sort of funny (she at least did a good job of showing that she has a sense of humor about herself), but probably not as funny as some of the prior Tina Fey skits where she was just being impersonated.
And that's about it. Oh yeah- my parents closed on their new house out in Steiner Ranch on Friday, so they're once again Central Texas homeowners! They probably won't live in the house full time for a couple of years yet because Dad hasn't retired from his job in Houston, but it's a really nice house, and it'll be good to have them back in Austin.

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