Thursday, September 04, 2008

I normally don't post videos on this site, but Larry Lee sent me this one, and it's just too perfect:


Meredith said...

Next time I'm looking for some hard-hitting facts and statistics on the election, I'll be sure to bookmark Comedy Central's edited video clips. :)

J.S. said...

Well, I think the beauty of this is that they kind of let the conservatives speak for themselves. ;-)

Meredith said...

In edited, out of context snippets......I suppose. But I don't see them showing the same type of comedy clips on the Democrats...and Lord knows there are plenty of clips out there of Biden hanging himself. But I don't expect to see any of those on ultra-liberal Jon Stewart's shows. :)

J.S. said...

Well, I'm not really sure how you take those comments and put them into a better context and I'm not sure that just showing these guys comments back to back against each other really constitutes tricky editing, but yes, I will concede that politicians and pundits from both sides of the aisle do contradict themselves from time to time. I think what makes these clips stand out, though, is what a bunch of judgmental a**holes these guys were being in the first place (which, of course, led them to have to eat their words when those same judgments could later be applied to their own candidate).

And, yes, the Daily Show is liberal (I don't know if I could it ultra-liberal: they still give crazy people on the very far left a pretty hard time, too, and they have a pretty decent sized audience that seems to appeal to a lot of people who aren't necessarily on the far left). They have the most fun picking on the Republicans, but they did have some pretty funny cartoons with Obama raising his arms and parting the waters from Hurricane Gustav as well as some other shots at the Democrats during the Democratic convention (they spent a lot of time picking on Obama for his supposed messiah complex- which I don't really think that he has, but it's still pretty funny).
Anyway, just because the show is liberal doesn't mean they don't make some valid points (and make them in some hilarious ways).
Huckabee was on there last night, and they clearly really like him. I like Huckabee, too.

The League said...

The Daily Show has been MUCH better this election about taking shots at the Dems. And they have made a BIG point out of calling out Obama on back-peddling on issues like withdrawing from Iraq, etc... and shown those back to back clips.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that the Daily Show is or should be the primary source for examining the legitimacy of any politician or political effort. However, the reason this is funny is because it has truth to it. In any event, attacking or blaming the media is such a tired response to this kind of doublespeak. John Stewart wasn't moving Karl Rove or Bill O'Reilly's lips. Moreover, if there is truly a need to get back to a "fair and balanced" perspective, then I would invite your attention to the thoughts of reporter Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal, that paragon of liberal, elitist journalism, who described, off camera of course, the Palin pick because of its resulting pull toward GOP narratives, as "political bullshit."

Sarah Palin gave a great speech. She was poised given the circumstances, good and bad, of the days which preceded her introduction to the nation. However, for anyone to suggest that she would be or should be a potential President but for McCain's selection is completely ridiculous. She was a complete stranger to the nation until last Friday! People can say what they want about Obama's experience, but he's been out there on the streets and under harsh scrutiny for several years, looking people in the eyes and earning their votes. He beat an extremely well-funded and well organized candidate in Hillary Clinton who was once thought as an invincible and inevitable nominee. His nomination is made all the more remarkable in that it happened against the spouse of a former President deeply popular with Democrats and so popular among black voters that he was once called the first black President. The nation knows Barack Obama now. Sarah Palin hasn't even fielded questions from the media or voters yet.

At its core, the pick is, as one of McCain's former advisers Mike Murphy stated, cynical. It presupposes that disgruntled female supporters, in particular those of Hillary Clinton, will vote for Palin on the basis of gender alone. Every VP nominee does this in some measure (Biden's appeal to the white male in important states like Pennslyvania and Ohio is surely no coincidence), but most are at least known to the country when they are selected. But the Palin pick is not only cynical, it's fundamentally flawed. Obviously, this is why Palin, not once, mentioned the words abortion, or pro-life in her acceptance speech. The second she does so, she loses the Clinton voters in droves--the very voters her nomination was designed to capture. She may not have a record to attack, but she damn sure has positions that will be scrutinized harshly, and I think, ultimately rejected by the very voters she is supposed to helping McCain to garner.

Lastly, I would point out that Palin made more than a passing reference in her acceptance speech to her son's military enlistment and her youngest son's special needs. She wrapped them both in what she offered as her policy positions on the war and a voice for parents of kids with similar disorders. That's well and good, and frankly, to be expected from someone whose fundamental appeal is her similarity to the voters. But watch what happens when the first reporter asks her what her position is on sex education in public schools in light of her own daughter's teen pregnancy. Off limits...a private matter...a personal choice, or as Palin described it her own press release ("We are proud of Bristol's decision..."). Governor: "Will you deprive other expectant teen mothers of the same decision, the same choice, should you serve as President?" "As I have said, this is a private matter..." "Well, wasn't it your campaign who decided to parade out the boyfriend/father of your daughter's expectant child on stage with you following your acceptance speech?" "He's taking personal responsibility for his actions. We're proud of that." "Why wasn't he with your daughter during McCain's introduction of you last week in Ohio?" "These questions are offensive. My kids are off limits..."

Political bullshit, indeed.