Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hey! How's it going? I don't know about you guys, but the Labor Day weekend went by way too fast for my taste. Events from the weekend included: happy hour party on Friday at Mark McCrimmon's law office, a couple of meals and hanging out with with my parents, dogsitting Mandy's brother's dogs (Dolly and Woody- they were evacuated out of Beaumont due to Hurricane Gustav), some hanging out with Mandy, Vicki, Ellie, Sig, and Andy (Kim Bloom and Rami both punked out with some kind of lame, vague illness excuses, but on the up side, we got in a short, impromptu Crack practice), a screening of the movie Traitor with Don Cheadle (it was a decent movie, but it's probably fine as a renter if you haven't seen it), and a mini Mono E practice with just Eric, Reed, and myself. I also managed to get in shopping trips to Borders and Target in there somewhere and got a little exercise on the ol' elliptical.
In retrospect I guess I did more than I initially thought, but somehow my Labor Day weekend just didn't feel like it added up to the mini-vacation I had imagined it as ahead of time.

In other news, I would say (though I guess some might disagree) that the Sarah Palin VP pick by the Obama campaign continues to be fairly controversial. The revelation that Palin has a pregnant 17 year old daughter sort of throws her family values message into disarray (I'm not saying her family is doing anything wrong here, but when part of your hardline, pro-life message has included an emphasis on abstinence as a workable solution for teen pregnancy, this situation really doesn't help), and Palin's reputation as a reformer and corruption cleaner-upper sort of seems in peril given these so-called Troopergate allegations (that she used her office to try to have her ex brother-in-law fired from the state troopers) and given her on again/ off again political affiliations with indictment-laden Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens (she initially declared Stevens her ally and accepted an endorsement from him along with an accompanying television ad, but apparently she has tried to distance herself from him more recently).
Anyway, given the way these things usually go, somehow the GOP will probably find a way to turn this Palin chaos upside down and make it work to their advantage (like the way they took George W.'s inability to coherently string a sentence together and used it to spin him as "folksy" or the way that the GOP managed to turn Kerry's status as a decorated war veteran into a negative). I'm not saying Palin's a bad person, but I just don't really find her qualified for the job (of vice president, but more specifically, I really don't see her as being qualified to be president). In addition to that, I don't know all of her policy standpoints, but I know that I disagree with her on some environmental issues, and I strongly disagree with her apparent viewpoint that sex ed in schools should be limited to abstinence-only messages (abstinence can be part of the message, but it can't be the whole message. I just feel that kids need to be able to protect themselves from STDs and unwanted pregnancy through just about every and any means available. It's great that Palin's grandbaby is going to be born into a relatively wealthy family that can afford to support and nurture it, but, sadly, that often isn't the case).

What else? I'm glad Hurricane Gustav wasn't quite as bad as everyone had feared it might be. Man, they really need to get something done to seriously reinforce those levies before another Category 4 or 5 storm comes through there again (I think this was a Cat 2 at landfall). I really do love New Orleans and think it's one of our nation's great places.

That's it for now.

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