Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Man, I really haven't got much today. I saw Bill Clinton on The Daily Show last night, and he was, of course, talking about this $700 billion Wall Street bailout. He said that he thought the bailout was probably necessary, but that the American taxpayers ought to be given some serious consideration for the money that's being handed out to these Wall Street firms. He suggested that we either: 1) charge a decent amount of interest for lending out this money and include penalties for not paying it back on time, and/or 2) structure the agreement so that the American government and the taxpayers get some kind of very real interest in the firms that are being helped out with taxpayer money. Clinton also pointed out that we got into this mess by trying to overextend activity in the housing market when we would have been much better served by focusing on creating jobs and infrastructure within the alternative fuels and energy industry. Anyway, Clinton just sounds remarkably knowledgeable and articulate when he's discussing these things, and he presents solutions in ways that make you realize that there really is hope for turning this situation (i.e., our current economic downturn) around if the right people get involved and manage our money and our government in responsible and yet visionary ways. (World War II helped to finally pull us out of the Great Depression- we don't really want another war to help drive the economy, but we need a large, national project to focus our energy and resources and to help grow jobs and develop new products- a large, national push to develop new, green energy solutions might be just the thing we need).
I warned you guys that I don't have too much today. I rewatched much of the two hour premier of Heroes last night after talking to Jamie about it a bit (she seemed to have a better first impression of it than I initially did), and it seemed to settle in a bit better the second time around. I'll definitely keep watching it and see how it continues to play out.
Nothing else to report, really. Mandy's family has finally gotten their power back on and returned to Beaumont following the hurricane, so Dolly and Woody, The Hurricane Dogs, have gone home. Cassidy, in particular, seems a little sad following their departure.
In other news, I traded in our three day ACL Fest passes for wristbands yesterday over at the Zilker box office. The anticipation of ACL Fest continues to build. One way or another we will have the Crack flag out there again this year, so all of you Adventurers be on the lookout for it if you're going to the festival.
Well, I guess that's it for now. Mayhaps more later. Ciao, kiddos!


mcsteans said...

Awww. Goodbye, Hurricane Dogs. They were adorable. Cassidy is welcome to come hang with the cousin dogs while you're at ACL if she gets lonely.

J.S. said...

Well, we'll play things by ear. I may have her hang out with you guys for a day or two.